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Today I would like to talk to you about kindness
About humanity

You as a human are capable of so much kindness
Of so much
Giving love
Showing love
Of giving and showing humanity

And that sword cuts both ways
First of all, of course
The other person towards which the kindness is directed
Benefits from it
Heals from it
And you yourself, being the kind one
Extending your humanity to another living being
Be it human or animal
It is beneficial for you too
For being kind
And being loving
And being humane is, of course, not only a virtue
But it is also an energy

The minute you are vibrating on that level
It is very beneficial to your health as well
It gives you not only a good feeling
A rich feeling
A purposeful and meaningful feeling
It literally gives you good health
For in an energy field where love and kindness reside
There can be no sickness
There can be no darkness

And, of course, you are not kind all the time
You are not humane all the time
Within each of us
There is layers and streaks of darkness
Of pain
Of hurt
It’s all there
We humans all have our own dark side
And yet in a heart that is kind
That is forgiving
That is giving
That is loving
That is humane
There is more health there
There is more fullness there
There is more richness there
There is more depth there
And there is more wisdom there

And to bring that on to the world
To give that to other human beings
And to give that to any living being
Is beautiful
It is beautiful and it is very necessary
In your world
Because there is not enough love and kindness
In your world
There is not enough humaneness in your world
So it is not only beneficial
It is also very much needed
And if it is something that you would love to pursue
Or who you would like to pursue
And you are not sure how to do it
Or you are not sure whether this is for you
Because you have that anger
And you have that darkness
And you have that meanness, even

This can all be transformed
Because these are unhealed layers within you
So even though you are a kind person
There is parts in you that are not kind
And if you want to heal these parts
Open yourself to healing
Say out loud
I open myself to healing my shadowed side
I open myself to healing my dark side
And ask us, your spirit tribe
Your spiritual helpers
Ask us for help and we will gladly help
For we stimulate
And applaud
And salute kindness
It is needed in this world
Your kindness is needed in this world
Your love is needed in this world
Your humaneness is needed in this world
For it is lacking

And this is what we wish for you
But not from a mental origin, no
From a physical origin
It originates in the heart chakra
So open up your heart chakra
And open up yourself to kindness
And open yourself to love
And heal yourself from old wounding
That prevents you from being kind
That prevents you to be kind
And to be loving
And to be humane
This is what we wish for you

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

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