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On the subject of karma there is a lot of confusion
And a lot of fantasy going on in your world
There is so many things being said about karma
You have bad karma
You have good karma
You are gathering karma points
It is your karma
And this whole concept of karma is actually quite different
From what you have made out of it

First of all you confuse karma and the law of reciprocity
The thing with karma is actually quite simple
When you are having a high vibrational level
And you are operating on a high vibrational level
You will attract what you give
And that is mainly good vibrations
That is love
That is kindness
That is goodness
And this will come back to you
Whatever vibrates in your field
In your energy field will come back to you

The same counts for if you are in a low vibrational field
Where there is anger, pain, frustration
All sorts of lower feelings
And lower forces
If you are vibrating in that field
In that energy field
You will attract energy that vibrates within that field
It is that simple
So the pain you see on the outside
Is a reflection of the pain you have on the inside
The anger you see on the outside
Is a reflection of the anger you have inside
The love and the beauty you see on the outside
Is a reflection of the beauty and the love you have on the inside
And for some in their journey
They have reached the state where they are on a high
Personal high vibration level
And they will meet energy accordingly
They will attract energy accordingly
And the same goes for people
Who are in a low vibrational energy field

And yes, another thing that is a confusion with karma is
As a soul you come into this earth many many times
You will come
You will experience
You will grow
There is always a certain aspect of your soul
That is being expressed in this life time
And you are doing just that
Expressing that aspect of your soul
Learning, growing, gathering experience
And after you have lived your life
You will leave this body
And the soul goes on and takes the experience with
And yes you will be reincarnate into a new body
And all the past life experiences you will carry with you
And you will build on that and build on that and build on that
That is why some souls are so refined
They have gathered many experiences
And they have gathered many insights
They are very refined
Very in-tune with knowledge
With wisdom

But Karma is basically a religious concept
Karma is a concept that is taught in the Hindu religion
And western society has adopted this concept
And mixed it with Christianity
And like the word ego, the word karma is mistreated
And misused and confused
Beware of those teachers who talk about ego
For they mostly have a lot of it
Every teacher that tells you to denounce ego
Is suffering from an inflated ego
You see this all the time

Now, karma
Bad karma
Good karma
Karma points
This is my karma
Everything that has been said about karma
Forget it
It is truly not important
The only thing you have to do in this lifetime
Is deal with whatever is there
Whether it comes from a past life
Or whether it is your karma
Forget about all that
It is not important
Inside of you there is a lot of pain
Painful memories and confusion
And all you have to do is heal yourself
And open yourself to healing
And all you have to do is open yourself to your Essence
What aspect of your soul wants to be expressed in this life-time

If that is your question
If that is your journey
You will be guided
And you will be taught
And you will be opened up to your reality
And that whole field of karma
Whatever karma truly is
Is not important
All you are invited to is to grow onto a higher personal vibrational level
Where at some stage you meet up with who you truly are
Your Essence
And that is all you have to do
Live your Essence
First of all
Open up to the concept of you living your essence
And once you are being guided
And being taught
To reach that state
Then you live that state

And all the past life business
And all the karma business
It is not important
It’s only concepts
Like religion
Limiting concepts that bring you confusion
And once you all leave that behind
Concentrate on what life is truly about
You living your Essence
Then everything will fall into place
And become clear and you will be guided from there on

So this is what we have to say about karma
Do not worry about karma
Your karma
Worry about you living your Essence
You being true to who you really are
Being true to you
For truly the human who is true to himself
Is a very rich human
It is the highest state of human-hood you can reach
You truly being you
Loyal to your essence
Loyal to your truth
Expressing that aspect of your soul
That is meant to be expressed in this world
In this lifetime

This was my message
Thank you

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