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Today I would like to talk to you about Jesus Christ
And more so about the Jesus Christ within you
And, of course, if we take the Bible
And we read about Jesus in the Bible
We will encounter a distorted story
A lot of what is written in the Bible about Jesus
Is from the pen of diligent monks
Rewriting reality
Making it more suitable to manipulate the masses
And this is unfortunate
For the man Jesus Christ was an extraordinary man
He was a messenger that God has sent to this world
To teach people

So in order to understand the man Jesus
You will have to read the testimonies of the disciples of Christ
And within the scriptures of the disciples
You will find out more depth and more truth about Him
Especially the scriptures from Thomas
He was…Well, of course He was amazing
But apart from the fact that he was amazing
The scriptures that he wrote
The original scriptures were found
And there is no tampering with these texts
So if you want to learn about the man Jesus more
Understand about Him more
Read the scriptures of Thomas

And in your meditation when you become silent
Focus upon the energy of Jesus Christ within you
And you will learn that he was a very extraordinary man
In the sense that he was very much in touch with who he truly was
He was what we would call nowadays “for real”
And He had, of course, a very big heart
He loved people
He loved paupers
He loved whores
He loved ordinary people
And He was, in that respect, one with the people
He was one of them and one with them
And yet He was extraordinary
For His capacity to love was extraordinary
He had a very big and very open heart
And of course
He was indeed capable of healing people
He was a very great healer
And He was also very much in touch
With His mission and His anger
There is passages in the Bible where
He walked into the temple and let His fury rage

The thing is, and that is again very sad
Jesus is very much a misunderstood man
What we know about Jesus nowadays
Through the Bible and through religion
Is so distorted that it becomes a fairy tale
A fantasy
And people proclaiming that they love Jesus
Mostly miss the point at all
They miss the point what He was all about

What He truly is
Is a pathway
A doorway
An entrance to a level within you
That is different from daily life reality
Jesus was also very much a mystic
And what He offered you
What He mirrors back to you
Is a pathway
An entrance
To a deeper layer within you
The mystic layer within you

And, of course
In the end it all boils down to
You connecting with your essence
You connecting with your soul
And you connecting with your true life purpose
And He gives some great examples of how to do that
But you have to look for it
If you ever study the Bible
You have to look for it
And search for it
You have to sift through the fantasy
And through the lies
And even then it will be hard to get the full picture
For the picture, I state this again, is distorted

And yet if you concentrate
Or rather, not concentrate, but meditate
On the quality and the frequency of Jesus Christ
You will at some level connect with Him
Connect with His energy
Connect with the frequency of Jesus Christ
And it is very healing
It’s very beneficial
And it will be also enlightening
You will learn things about Him that you did not know before

And the question whether He existed at all
Or not existed at all
You can skip that question
Jesus has lived on this earth
And Jesus was a man
And He was for real
So skip that doubt because He was alive
And He died
But He left something very strong
A very strong legacy onto this earth
He even left a blue print
A vibration on this earth
A frequency

And you can tap into that frequency
By meditating on Him
On His frequency
And we suggest you do that
It will bring you new information
It will bring you new insights
And it will bring you a new connection
With something inside of you, yourself
And this is what we wish for you

Thank you
This was our message for today

The MANTRA for today is:

Jesus Christ - Mantra

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