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Is this all there is?

Is this all there is?

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Today I have been asked to inform you
About the life question
Is this all there is?

Why does this seem to be age-related
Why do people of a certain age group only
Ask themselves this question?

Now, first of all let me state this
That this question does not apply for everybody
We have explained this before
You, each and every one of you
Have come into this lifetime
And this is not the first time
You came unto this world
There is a long sequence of lives you have lived before
But let’s not get into that
In this lifetime
As in all the other lifetimes
But in this lifetime
You have come unto this earth
To Live
And expose
And bring about
And broaden
A certain aspect of your soul

And this is your life purpose
This is actually all you have to do
Live your life
And bring that particular aspect of your soul
That wants to be exposed
Into the light
And into full bloom

And some of you connect with that reality at an early age
And live their life’s purpose throughout their life
From an early age
And for them, this question
Is this all there is?
Will never come up
Because they are living their life to the fullest
They are expanding and exploring
And, well, they are so much in connection
With who they are
And with their reality
That this whole question
Is this all there is
Simply does not exist in their energy field
In their reality

And this of course immediately brings me to
Why so many of you at a certain age
At a certain age
Start to have this question
Is this all there is?
And the answer is simple
No, this is not at all, all there is
But the truth of the matter is
That you, the minute you ask yourself this question
Is this all there is?
That you are not living your life to the fullest
You are not living that aspect of your soul
That needs to be brought
Or wants to be brought
Into realization in this life
In this lifetime

You have not hooked up to your life purpose yet
So this question
Is this all there is?
The minute you find yourself asking yourself that question
There is a huge opportunity for you to wake up
You could call it a wakeup call
It’s a huge mirror
It is showing you
That you are not living your life to the fullest
You have bought into the bullshit
That your parents
Your teachers
Your society
Has fed you
And you have been a good boy
And a good girl
All your life
You have listened to authority
You have listened to the people
Who you thought knew better
And now, somehow
You start to realize that they didn’t know better
You just have never listened to You
You yourself
Your inner calling
And your inner need
Your inner want
Your inner scream, saying
Liberate yourself
Or something inside of you that screamed
Liberate me

And here is your chance, today
You can start today
By liberating yourself
Liberate yourself from everything
That you have bought into
That denied your reality
And what is your reality
Find out

You can simply start by saying
Today I open myself to my own reality
This is a beautiful start
It’s a powerful mantra
Today I open myself to my own reality
My true reality
My essence
If you work with that mantra for a while
And you say that daily
And you say it out loud daily
Ten times
Twenty times
One hundred times
Two hundred times even
If you even start to write down that mantra
Not one time but a hundred times
You will grow into the mantra
And the mantra will grow with you
And eventually the real want
The real need will surface
The ultimate mantra for you will surface

And then the next thing you do is
Ask us, your spirit helpers
Ask us to help you
To guide you
To show you
To bring that reality that you are opening up to
Into your reality
Bring it to you

And this of course is a process
It will take months
And sometimes even years
It really depends on your ability to
Follow the guidance
And follow the signs
And follow what is brought into your reality
For some of you it will mean
That you go through a divorce
That you will change jobs
That you will move house
That you even move country, maybe
So, huge changes
That will bring you a lot of inner turmoil
And opportunity for growth
Opportunity for transformation

For some of you this will not be an easy path
For to really listen to your essence
And to really live your essence
You need courage
You need perseverance
You need stamina
There is a lot of prerequisites you need to possess
In order to succeed
But in the end you will be rewarded greatly
And this is truly
It’s not an empty promise
You will be rewarded greatly
For you will find you
And for a human being, really
This is the ultimate gift of life
To fully be yourself
To fully express yourself
To fully live your essence
It is a gift beyond words
A gift beyond imagination
And the few in this world who live that life
They will testify how extraordinary this is
For extraordinary you are
And all you have to do is
Tap into that reality
Connect with that reality
And then start to live that reality
And that whole question
Is this all there is
Will vanish
Will evaporate
Will not be existing

Is this all there is can only live in a reality
Where there is no truth
Where there is no you
Where you are not connected with your essence

And this is what we wish for you
That you be connected with your essence
One hundred percent
For the rest of your life

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

is this all there is-mantra

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