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Into The Light

Into The Light

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You often hear us talk about love and light
And today I would like to contemplate on light

What exactly does it mean
See, during the day time it’s very easy
To distinguish between the light and the darkness
During the day it’s light
If the sun is shining it’s light
But during the night when it’s dark and there is no moon
It is pitch black, dark
And all of you recognize this feeling of being afraid in the dark
As if in the darkness there are energies
And there are vibrations that are harmful
Or scary
Or evil

And in a way this is true
On a spiritual level there is a constant battle
If you wish
Between dark forces and light forces
And what does it mean
Light, in essence, wants to shine
And wants to show its light
And darkness, in essence, wants to hide from light
Does not want to stand in the light
For if darkness stands in the light it is exposed
And the whole objective of darkness is to be hidden
To be in the dark

And on a spiritual level
On an emotional level
There are these two sides within you as well
There is light and there is darkness
There are parts of you and parts in you
That do not want to be exposed
That do not want to be exposed to the light
They want to stay hidden
And they want to stay secret
And it is your job
And your obligation
To bring everything inside of you that is dark
Bring it to the light
Bring it to the surface
Bring it to the oxygen
Bring it to the light so that it can expose itself
And be seen and transform

And the sort of emotions that are in the dark are
For instance, fear, anger, sadness
Three strong emotions that like to be in the dark
That like to stay hidden
That do not want to be exposed
That is why sometimes it is so hard
To heal and to transform
Because you have that what is not wanting to be exposed

You have to bring it to the surface
And you have to expose it
And there is great resistance
So you have to be brave
And you have to be willing
And you have to be very committed to bring it to the light

But in the end even the darkest secret
Even the most frightening fright
Even the most angry anger
Even the darkest darkness
Wants to be exposed
And wants to stand in the light
For when it stands in the light
It can then transform and become light and happy
And it can heal

So this whole darkness and light business is
Of course, it is symbolic
But it is also true
This is why people burn candles in the night
It is why people make fires in the night
To cast away the darkness
To cast away the shadows
And you can cast away your shadows
And your fears
And your anger
And your sadness
You can cast all that away
By allowing it to come to the surface
And to be transformed by light

And all you have to do is
Invite your darkness
Invite your anger
Invite your sadness
Invite your fear
And all you have to do is say come
Come to the light
Come to the light, you are loved
Come and receive love
Come and receive light
You are welcome
I know you are afraid
I know you are angry
I know you are sad
But I love you
Come to the surface
Show yourself
Expose yourself to the light
Heal yourself

So it is as if you talk to your sadness
As if you talk to your anger
As if you talk to your fear
Even your illness
Cancer, for instance, wants to stay in the dark
Does not want to be exposed
So invite cancer and say, come
Come to the light
Come and heal yourself with oxygen
Come and heal yourself with light and love
You are welcome, come
Heal yourself
Expose yourself

And as with everything
It is not something you do once
If you want to work for you
Do it for a while
Do it for a few months
Everyday invite your fear
Invite your sadness
Invite your anger
Invite your sickness, your illness
Come to the surface
Come and heal
Come and stand in the light
You are welcome
I love you
You are loved, come, come
Come to the light
Come and seek healing
Come, you are welcome
I invite you
I welcome you

And ask us as always for help
Ask us, help me to heal my anger
Help me to heal my sadness
Help me to heal my fear
Help me to heal my sickness
Help me to heal and to expose my darkness
My darkest fears
My darkest sadness
My darkest anger
My darkest illness
Help me to bring it to peace
To bring it to healing energy
Help me

And do this every day
And see after awhile how you benefit from this

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

The Light - Mantra


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