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These are truly interesting times that we are living in
The cyber activity on earth is tremendous
Almost everybody owns a cell phone
Almost everybody is involved in social media
There is a lot of information running through your system
On a daily basis

And a lot of that information is trivial
It has no importance in your life whatsoever
It is only distraction
And not only is it distraction
It takes up your time
And it takes up emotional and brain space
Brain capacity
You are only able to process
So much information in a day
There is a limit to what you can process
And for each of you the limit is different

But many, many, many, many, many of you,
Are at this moment in time and space,
Getting totally lost in ‘the reality’ of cyber space
And cyber communication
And it drains you
It drains your energy
It drains your intelligence
And it drains your emotion
It numbs you

For it only reaches a very limited piece of your whole being
So it is almost like a tunneling
a narrowing of consciousness
And you love it
It’s very addictive
And it doesn’t do you much good
It’s not beneficial
So it takes up your resources
Emotional and brain capacity wise
It doesn’t bring you positive
Or beneficial information
It drowns you
And it totally distracts you from
Your purpose in life

What are you here for
To sit on a chair all day
Watch the screen
To hang on your couch all day
And watch your screen
Is that what you are here for
To get drained
And to get polluted by useless information
And of course you will argue
No, it’s not useless
It is very important information

Well, I have news for you
It is not
Because most of it is fantasy
It is a lie
It is mind farts
It is emo smog
It is info smog
And it doesn’t center you
It doesn’t bring you fulfillment
It does not nourish your soul
It does not nourish your being
It only keeps you from going inside
And connecting with your soul
And with yourself

And for those of you who have a daily ritual
The influence all this has on you then, is less
So it’s good to have a daily routine
A daily meditation routine
Or whatever
The daily routine for you to go inside
But if you don’t have that
The distraction is even more
You spend hours and hours and hours
With your friend, the little screen
Or the big screen
And all your attention
And all your emotion
And all your thinking
Are connected to the little screen

And what you should try is
Try to disconnect yourself from this habit
This addiction
For a week
So you switch off your cell phone
You switch off your computer
You switch off your iPad
You switch off whatever device you possess
That feeds you this constant stream of information
You just shut it off
And you do not interact with it for a week

Most people can’t do this
An hour, yes
Half a day, yes
Eight hours max, yes
But after that you become very nervous
Because you have the feeling you are missing out
On the world
And the reality is
You are not
By being connected to that screen all the time
You are missing out on real life
Because real life is happening
Away from the screen
It’s not happening on the screen

Now, for those of you who have tried this
To do this a week
You noticed that
You go through different stages of detoxification
It is as if your whole system is resetting
And readjusting

And it’s funny
Because you will start real conversations again
You will start to meet real people again
And while you meet them
You will start to notice how many times
They look on their little screen
And are distracted
And are not there with you in the now
They are simply not in the now

And this is you being with your screen
But now since you have stopped doing this
For two days already
You immediately feel the difference
And on the third day
And on the fourth day
And on the fifth day
You will notice more and more and more
How energy comes back
How creativity comes back
How daydreaming comes back
How time comes back to you

You even have time to do something else
Have a walk
Make a phone call
Not on your mobile phone, no
A proper phone call
But maybe you don’t even have a proper phone anymore
So if that is the case
Stay away
Stay away from your cell phone
Because the minute you use your cell phone
You will be tempted to have a quick look
On Facebook or Instagram or Twitter
Or whatever
So lose the phone all together
And don’t make phone calls
Unless you have a landline phone

But all that time that is suddenly there
You might even feel bored
Like, hey, what am I going to do with all this time
And eventually you will fall back on the old ability
To pass your time
And to use your time
And to be in the time
And be with yourself in the time

And imagine this is only a week
Imagine if you do this for a month
No cell phone
No iPad
No computer
Only you and your reality
No cheating
Just being in the now

For many many many of you
Already, this is a true meditation
For being with yourself
Being in the now
Without being distracted
It’s overwhelming
It’s beautiful
And you should try it
Oh yes, and I forget to tell you
No Netflix
No nothing
Only you and reality
No distraction from no screen whatsoever

And start with a week
And if that is too harsh for you
Start with two days
And every now and then
Repeat this and build up
Say like
The second time you do this
You try it for three days
And so on and so forth
But use this as a meditation

So it is not a punishment
It is not an exercise
It is not a game, no
Approach it as a meditation
You meditating to be with the reality
Your reality
Only the now
Only the moment
Only that which you meet in the moment

Try it
You might be surprised
I can tell you one thing
Two totally different worlds

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Internet distraction

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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