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I wish to be helped

I wish to be helped

Today I would like to talk to you about the concept of help
For many of you have learnt to do things yourselves
In your own way
Without ever asking anybody for help

A part of this is habit
It is how you learnt to handle yourself
And learned how to handle life
Another part of it is just fear, insecurity
Because asking somebody else for help also means you lose control
Part of you loses control over the situation
So it is also a tightness of consciousness, of awareness
There is a tightness in that control
In that need to control your reality

And the thing with not asking for help is that it can make you very lonely
It can make you suffer
It can give you the feeling that you are alone in this world
And nobody is helping you
And you have to carry it all by yourself and do it by yourself
Carry that heavy burden of living, of life

And it doesn’t have to be like this
All that is self inflicted
The minute you sit down
And you go inside into a quiet meditative state
You close your eyes
And you concentrate on your breath
And you don’t do anything else
Just witness the breath

I’ve said this many times
I will repeat this
It’s the most essential form of meditation
Sit down on a chair, on the ground or lay down on your bed
It doesn’t matter
Close your eyes and witness your breath
And witness how your breath goes up and down
In and out
And just follow that movement
And it will quieten you down
It will make you calm
It will make you quiet

And once you are calm that way
You then ask for help
You do this by saying
‘I open myself for help’
‘I wish to be helped’
‘It is okay for me to ask for help
and to receive help’
‘It is okay for others to help me’
‘I am available for help’
‘I am available for people helping me’
‘I am available for others helping me’
‘I am opening up to help’
‘I need help’
‘I want help’

Short sentences where you truly ask for help
And open yourself consciously and willingly up to help
And then you leave it
Let the universe take care of the rest
You just ask for help

And do this on a daily basis
Once a day
You consciously go inside
Be quiet
Follow the breath
And ask for help
And after a while you will receive help

People will come your way
Situations will occur
Where suddenly people offer you their help
Their knowledge
Their wisdom
You get a new opportunity

Things that make your burden more light
That will enlighten
That will, yeah, help you
Truly help you
Support you
And all you have to do is accept the help
That is being offered
Accept the help that is being offered
By simply saying Yes, I would like your help, thank you

And maybe in the beginning you don’t like it
You have to get used to it
Other people preying into your private life
Other people telling you what they think is best
You might have to adjust to come to grip with that
To learn to accept help
And to learn to work together with others
To team up with people

You might have to learn this
But in the long run it will be beneficial to you
You will benefit from it
And your life will become more easy
More light
More happy

And this is only human help
There is another form of help too
That is in the realm of your spirit tribe
You are surrounded by spirits that are willing to help you
Angels, spiritual brothers, spiritual sisters
Guides, spiritual guides
There is a whole tribe there
That are very very willing to help you
To work for you
And to work with you

All you have to do is to ask them for help
And of course this is strange to you
Maybe in the beginning it might be strange
You think like, what the heck
Is this true?
Is this fantasy?

But try it
Try and pray to your spiritual helpers
Your spirit tribe or whatever you call it
And ask them for help
And to guide you
And to protect you

So there are many forms of help
That you can open yourself up to
And that you can ask for
So try it
Try to open up yourself for help
Being helped
And your life will become lighter
This is a promise

This was my message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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