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Today I would like to talk to you about getting yourself out of the way

It is a very simple technique
It needs some exercise
And it needs great trust
And great surrender
And you will learn and get better at it
As you go along with this guidance
Because this truly is a ‘whisper of guidance’
Here goes

Teach yourself to ask
And who do you ask?
You ask a higher intelligence than you yourself are
You could even ask it to your higher consciousness
Some people will ask God
Others will ask their spirit tribe
Others will ask their guides
There are many forms that you can choose
And you pick the form that suits you best
That serves you best
But first of all you start with a question

So let’s say you want to make a journey
You want to go live in Europe
And you want to go to America
Or you live in America and you want to go to Europe
But you do not have the money
And you don’t know exactly where you want to go
And for how long you want to go

So, this is the situation
In normal circumstances you would decide
Okay, I live in America and I want to visit Amsterdam
Or I live in America and I want to visit London
Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona
And Athens, for instance
So you’ll do a fairly great bit of Europe
And when you live in Europe you think about going to America
And you say, I want to go to Honolulu
I want to go to Oregon
I want to go to Los Angeles
I want to go to Houston
I want to go to Arkansas
I want to go to New York
I want to go to Chicago
And I want to go to Canada, to Montreal, for instance
And I don’t have money

So I must start to work, and I decide and plan to go in a year’s time
And you work, you can find work, and then you get fired
And then you break your leg or all sorts of things happen
And in the end you are not going
Because you don’t have the money
Or you have different plans or whatever
Your plan has changed
Usually this is how things happen
You make a plan and then life gets in the way

Now, let’s try that same wish
Me, I want to go to America or I want to go to Europe
And now you ask the higher intelligence
Your higher intelligence of choice
You ask them, can you please guide me
First of all, can you help me to make this reality become reality
To make this dream, this wish, to become reality
Can you guide me
What is the first step I should take right now to achieve that goal
To achieve that purpose

And then you surrender
Close your eyes and you wait for the answer
And the answer will come, it might be a picture
Or a thought
Or an idea
You will suddenly have an idea

Oh, I should go and see Jim
Jim is your old neighbor
And Jim has a tow truck company
And Jim actually needs a new tow truck chauffeur

You didn’t know this
But since you are guided to go and see Jim
And Jim says, Hey, how are you
Good to see you
I remember, you have your driver’s license, don’t you
Yes, I have
Okay, great! Do you have a job right now?
No, I’m looking for a job
Good, do you want to become my tow truck driver
Yes, why not, I’m looking for a job
And since it’s irregular time
Sometimes at night, sometimes on the weekend
It’s great pay and it’s a nice job
So here you go

You could have also searched
And searched and searched and searched
And not have found anything
Or found a lousy little job with little pay
And now you have found a great job
With a great guy and have a good pay
So this is how guidance works

All you have to do is ask, surrender, close your eyes
And the answer shall be given
Ask and you shall be given
This is said in all the scriptures and it is true
This is how the universe works
If you let it work that way

So you do this job and everything goes well
And at some stage Jim decides that
Well, let’s say, he doesn’t need you anymore
Because things are slow and instead of paying you
He rather wants to do it himself
So he lays you off
He says, Listen dude, I’m sorry, I love you, I love the way you work
Everything is great but I can’t afford you
So you have to go

Normally you would go into depression
You would go and you would feel bad
And you would go like, oh, I don’t know what to do now
Now I can’t reach my goal
Now I can’t go to Europe
Now I can’t go to America

No, forget that
Sit down, meditate
Be quiet and ask
‘Okay, now what’?
‘What’s my next step towards my goal’?

And you will be given a new answer
A new challenge
And all you have to do is surrender
Wait for the answer
And if the answer comes
Take it on face value
Do not argue with the answer
Do not try to be smarter than the answer
The answer is an answer on face value
Follow the guidance
Follow the answer
Follow the picture
Follow the thought
Follow the feeling
And even if it sounds crazy and outrageous
Go and do it anyway
Muster all your courage and go and do it

And by teaching yourself to follow this guidance
This little voice
These ideas
These answers
These whispers
You will create a whole new life
With a far better outcome
Than the outcome you would have had
If you wouldn’t follow this guidance

And this goes for one example
You going to America
But you can use it on all aspects of your life
Try it
Don’t try it for a day
Don’t try it for a week
Try it for a year
And diligently do it every day
In all kind of situations
And you will be amazed how your life will change

This was my message.


The MANTRA for today is:

Guidance - Mantra


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