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Greed is epidemic in your world
There is a lot of greed going on
Relentless people destroying life
Destroying the world
Destroying nature
Destroying natural resources
And all because of greed
Because of the hunger for money
For personal advancement

And this is, like we said
Epidemic in your world
In this earth
In this world where you live in
In this timeframe
Greed has reached epidemic levels
And the way you
Or should I say
The way people who are loyal to greed
Destroy this earth
On a scale that is really dangerous
So if this would go on
Earth will cease to exist
Within very limited time
And humankind would cease to exist
In a very limited time from now
And even if it takes two hundred more years
Circumstances to live in this earth
Will be horrific and hard

But this doom scenario will not take place
So you could call this message a prophecy
For greed will not survive on this earth
People who are loyal to greed
Will not survive on this earth much longer
The children that are born today, tomorrow
And every day
Will not be loyal to greed
So the ones that are loyal to greed
Will become extinct
And greed will disappear from this earth
And during this process of becoming extinct
You will see less and less and less influence
Of greed upon the world

So new technology
And new inventions will come to bloom
To save this earth
To save nature
To preserve nature
And even nature itself will rebel
Will take action
And large groups of people
Will be expelled from this earth
By way of natural disasters

This is the answer of mother earth
To its long time abuse
The amount of abuse it has suffered
The last hundred years
Is tremendous
And the amount of abuse it has suffered
The last fifty years is even more horrific
And nature will answer
But this is a natural cycle
So mother earth will survive
And humankind will survive

And truly
If greed is removed from your earth
And if greed is removed from mankind
You can imagine
There will be a totally different atmosphere
A totally different energy
Come to bloom on this earth
You even have a name for it
The Age of Aquarius
Yes, you can call it that
It doesn’t really matter how you call it
But many things will change on this earth
People will start to work together
People will start to advance
Not only themselves but others
So love and compassion will truly bloom
On this earth

And from it will come many beautiful projects
And many beautiful realities
Will start to come into existence
And all this will happen within the next
Twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years
So if you are young and you hear this
You know there is hope
And if you are the one to survive the natural disasters
You will be one of the chosen ones
To see what good comes from humans
Working together
Living together in harmony
And advancing each other
So there is a large place for community
There is a large place for
Living together
Working together
Thriving together

And this is already happening in many places
The signs are already there
And this will go on more and more and more
So even though there is greed now
And greed has ruled the world for a long time
And greed is vastly destroying earth
And even humankind
Poisoning humankind
With their dark schemes
It will not work in the long run
They will not survive
Greed will not survive
By no means

So if you ever thought or worried about this
Now you know
Greed will be removed from this earth
And humankind will truly prosper
And this earth
And this nature will truly prosper
And this is what we wish for you

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Greed - Mantra

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