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Today I would like to talk to you about fun
Sheer fun
Sheer happy fun

This whisper has been whispered before
But needs to be whispered again
Whatever you do in your life
Whatever your aim is
Whatever your dream is
Whatever your daily routine is
Whatever your daily life looks like
Whether you are happy or unhappy
There is one medicine
The biggest medicine next to love
And that is fun

Fun is the oil
Fun is the oil that makes it all work without squeaking
Fun is the oil that makes it all go smoothly

And of course, if you are unhappy in your job
Or unhappy in your relationship
Or unhappy in yourself
Maybe you are depressed or you are burned out
Or you are in a situation right now where you are just not happy
Where you do not have a purpose
Or you have lost perspective on the purpose
Of course then to have fun is not easy

Because, of course, fun that comes from within
The easy kind of fun
The fun you have because you are happy
That’s easy fun
Anybody can have that
And many do have that
The fun you have together that comes from being happy
And being together
And being playful together
Maybe you are out at the beach for a day
Or having a picnic in the park and having a drink
And you get funny
You start to laugh and you feel happy
That’s easy
But it’s necessary

But for those who are going through difficulties right now
To those I want to say
Do not forget to have fun
And you can help yourself by watching
Go to YouTube and watch pieces of funny movies
Little movies that will make you smile or laugh or even grin
This is the spark of light, the spark of love in your darkness
That you let into your darkness

And it’s healing
It is truly healing
Because for a minute you forget your sorrow
For a minute you forget your worries
For a minute you forget your mind and your emotion
Because you are looking at something outside of you
That makes you smile
And makes you laugh

It can be cartoons
It can be comedians on a stage
And it can be bloopers
It can be funny little movies with animals
Or with laughter of children
There is so much stuff on YouTube
That will make you smile
And will give you a little bit of the heart medicine
To make your heart light
To make your soul light

And especially when you are going through difficult time in your life
Make that a daily habit
Of course there are many other habits you can do
Visualize happiness and visualize light and love
Go inside, mediate
That’s all very good and very well
And if you are in a difficult stage in your life
Do not forget to move
Movement is very important
Sports, gymnastics, treadmill, pushups
Sweat, workout, sweat daily
Jumping jacks
Find something that you can do daily
A routine, a way you move your body
Because by moving your body you will also move your emotion
So movement will do that for you
But do not forget to have fun

Have fun
Even if it’s five minutes a day
Forget your sorrow
Forget your hardships
Forget your difficulties
And just smile

And what it will bring you is quicker healing
It will bring you relaxation
It will bring you a different mind set
Eventually, it will bring you healing
So if you combine the fun with moving your body
Even long walks will do it for you

You will truly change your mind set
And change your emotion
And change that what you are in right now
For the better
And this is what I wish for you

This was my message


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

❥ Whispers are transformative channelings we receive from our Spirit Tribe. Whispers teach knowledge that invites you to align with Self & Source and awakens you to the inner calling of your Essence.

These Whispers Love to be shared, so please share them with your friends! Love, Light, Knowledge & Wisdom are much needed right now, by many in this confused world.

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