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From doing into being

From doing into being

Today I would like to talk to you about a very important energy shift
And that is to shift from doing into being

Most of you humans
You have learnt to be in the energy field of doing
Making it happen
You are working from your will power
And for most of you this is a very mental process
So you decide you are going to do something
And then you are going to make it happen
So there is a lot of will power
There is a lot of energy
There is passion
There is adrenalin
And it all comes from the mind

Now, the world has been built upon that
And the world is still today being built upon that
But with that willpower
And with that doing
Comes a lot of animal force
A lot of anger
A lot of relentlessness
A lot of not feeling
Not being in touch with subtleness
Or subtle energies

And today we invite you to explore
A whole different energy field
And that is the energy field of being
First of all
So that you can distinguish between the two energy fields
For they are vastly different
They are completely different
So in order to shift into the energy field of being
You have to shift from your mind into your feelings
Your intuition
And the quickest way to do this
Is to close your eyes
To willfully feel your feet
Consciously feel your feet on the floor
Or on the surface beneath you
And then connect to your breath
To the rhythm of your breath
And just flow and go with that rhythm
Up and down
In and out

That is how you shut down the mind
And open up towards the feelings
Towards the emotions
And towards being
And this energy field of being
Requires a level of quietness, stillness
Just being with the now
Being with that what is, whatever it is

And if you are a person coming from the realm of doing
That is the realm where you usually reside
You will have to get used to being
In this energy field of being
You will have to get acquainted with that field
With that whole realm
And all you have to do is just sink into your breath
Sink into your stillness
And sink into your nothingness
In the now
The vast ocean of now

And the minute you make that shift
And the minute you do that a few times a day
And the minute you that every day
You will eventually learn how to connect
With that area within you
With that energy field within you

So whenever you find yourself in a situation
That doesn’t work out for you
Where you are frantically trying to make something happen
And it just doesn’t work
It goes wrong
Your computer plays up
Things start to break down
You blow some fuses in your energy, literally
And your energy electricity circuit in your house
Maybe it is time to shift gear
Shift from doing into being

All you have to do
Is just remember that there is this energy field of being
And then what you do
You close your eyes
You feel your feet on the surface beneath you
You find your breath
You follow the rhythm of your breath
And you become quiet
And the more you do it
The more often you do this
The easier it gets

And then you are quiet for a couple of minutes
Two minutes
Three minutes
Five minutes
And your whole being will shift gear
Your whole being will shift gear into being
Instead of doing
It is as if your energy is recharged and reset
It is as if your focus is recharged and reset
It is as if your consciousness is recharged and reset
And now you open your eyes
And you go on about your business

And you will notice that things will go far more easy now
Or you even decide
Hey, I shouldn’t be doing this right now
This is not the right time
Not the right moment
Or maybe this isn’t even the right thing I’m doing
I shouldn’t be doing it like this
I shouldn’t be doing it now
I shouldn’t be doing it at all

Whatever comes up
Follow that
And then go on with something new
If you have to do something else
Go and do something else
If you have to try it again
But now in a different way
Try it again in a different way
And suddenly it all will go easy
Or maybe while you are in that area of being
You suddenly receive
We call this receiving
A strong image of you walking outside
You walking in the woods
Or walking on the beach

So this is us giving you a sign, like
Hey, take your mind off this thing you are doing right now
And go have a break
Go into nature
Calm yourself down
Lower your level of stress
And calm yourself down
And shift gear altogether into being
Because if you are in nature
You automatically shift gear into being
Or at least that is how it should be
And this is how it can be

So if you are in nature
Also exercise breathing
Connecting to the ground
And connecting to your stillness
So make being in nature a short mediation, even
And after you have been in nature
For half an hour, an hour
So don’t run through the woods
And don’t run upon the beach
But slowly sink into yourself
Sink into your grounded-ness
And sink into your breath
And sink into your nothingness
While you are walking
And then you will shift gear
And then when you are back home
Or back at work again
There will be a whole new perspective
On what you were doing in the first place

So this is how shifting from doing to being works
And this is how we work
Helping you by giving you mental images
To show you
Or to inspire you
To change what you are doing right now

And this was our message for today
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:


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