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Find your spark

Find your spark

Today I would like to talk to you about your father and your mother

If you are lucky
You are being born by a father and a mother
That love you
That cherish you
That treat you well
And that raise you into being a responsible, loving, sane human being

If this was the case in your life, congratulations
For you are lucky
For many of you humans grow up in less fortunate circumstances
Where either your father or your mother or both
Are not so loving
Are not so understanding
Are not so protecting
And who do not raise you well

Many grow up with a father or a mother
Or only a father or only a mother
And many of you get hurt in the process
Get, oh, suppressed, beaten down, beaten up
And all these forms of neglect and denial
That you can go through as a human being

Many of you had to undergo circumstances
While growing up, that were far from ideal
There is, of course, mental torture
There is bodily torture
There is psychological torture
There are all forms of mistreatment
That you human beings have to undergo while growing up

And many of you, many of you
Come out of your youth and your upbringing with scars, huge scars
You come out as wounded individuals, wounded human beings
And life is challenging
Life is hard
Life is harsh
Life is far far away from the paradise that is promised in books
That is promised in fairytales

For many of you, life is not a fairytale at all
And as you grew up under hard circumstances
You have grown up to be hardened human beings, hardened adults
And since this is what you have learnt from life
You will pass these lessons on to your own children
So as you have been treated while you were brought up
So will you, in many aspects, treat your own children
Maybe you decide, I’m going to do it totally differently
And in the end you end up doing more or less exactly the same
On a different level but you still do the same
This, at this point in time, is the condition of being a human being on your earth
In your world

And if you look at the state the world is in
It truly is a sad loving-less state
It is true
There is a lot of loneliness
A lot of anger
A lot of hatred
A lot of war
A lot of ugliness
In your world
And on the same hand
There is a lot of love and beauty

And today, I would like to invite you to see the beauty in life
And to see the beauty within you
For not all your beauty and not all your love
Has been diminished
And has been mutilated
And has been denied
No matter what you went through
You as a human being are resilient
You are very strong and very powerful
And there is this spark of light and love
That is still in there, within you
In your soul
In your heart
No matter what you went through

And I would like for you to cherish this spark
Go inside
Meditate and connect
With the spark of love and the spark of light
That is still left within you
That has not been taken away from you
And as you meditate and concentrate on that spark
And tell the spark, I love you
I love you
I love you
I am grateful that you are here in my life
A spark of love and light
Thank you
Thank you for being here with me
After all that I went through

And as you concentrate on that spark of love and light within you
The spark will become a flame
And as you concentrate on the flame, the flame will become a fire
And you will be on fire
Your soul will be on fire
Your essence will be on fire
And of course this is symbolic
I do not mean that you are like walking around like a fire, no

The energy of love and light is growing within you
Is growing bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger
And it will warm you
And it will heal you
And it will heal all parts that are wounded
That are denied
That are unloved

And it all starts with you recognizing that there still is this spark in you
And you give attention to this spark
And the spark will become a flame
And the flame will become a fire
No matter what you went through
You can heal yourself with love and light
But only if you give love and light to all the parts in you
That have been hurt
That have been denied
That have been crushed
That have been stamped and trampled upon
Look at these parts and tell these parts, I love you
And I am sorry that this has happened to you
I am truly sorry
I love you

And by telling all these dark parts in you that you love them
Your spark will become a flame
And your flame will become a blazing fire
And once you are on fire
Once your soul is on fire
Your passion is on fire
Nothing can stop you
To be who you are
To truly be who you are
And to walk your path
And to live your essence
No matter what you went through
You can heal yourself

And as you heal yourself
You heal this world that you live in as a human
For you are all connected
In spirit, you are all connected
You are all one
So once you love the parts in you that you used to hate
You will resolve a little bit of hate in this world
And you will turn it into love and light
And you will heal it
So as you heal you will heal the world
It is not only symbolic
It is true
It is truly true
For if you heal yourself
The ripple effect of that is much bigger than you alone
You will affect many hearts, many souls, many people
And you will touch many people
So start with the spark
No matter where you are
No matter what you are
No matter at what spot you are right now
Find your spark
And grow the spark into a flame
And grow the flame into a fire
That is the three step rocket
Spark, flame, fire

We wish for you that this will become your reality
And we send you love and light

This was my message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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