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Today I would like to talk to you about the subject of fasting
Fastening is, in general, referred to as
Not eating or not drinking
And yes that is fasting
But there are many other ways
And many other forms of fasting

First of all, in general
Fasting is meant to reset yourself
So when you chose not to eat food
Or not to drink liquids
For a set period
You not only reset the body
But you also reset the mind
You literally break the automatic habit
Of eating and drinking

And there is many forms of fasting
You can stop eating solid food
And drink juices or tea only
For a couple of days
Even weeks
You can do religious fast
Where you don’t eat certain foods
Or where you don’t eat
For a certain amount of hours
Usually from dawn until dusk

And then there is of course other forms of fasting
Like not talking for a week
Or not watching TV
Or watching Social media for a week
Two weeks
Three weeks
Or more weeks
Then there is of course the abstinence
Of having sex for a certain amount of days
Or weeks
Or for instance, instead of driving your car
You only walk or only ride your bicycle
So there are many ways of fasting
These are all forms of fasting
And they all have one thing in common
And that is to reset your automatic habit
The automatic mind
The automatic body
The habit
Reset the habit

And fasting always takes you out of your comfort zone
You really have to make an effort to stick to it
And sometimes the habit is really calling
Please do it
Do it now
But you have to make this promise to yourself
You won’t
So usually you stick to it
And you don’t give in

And all these practices are very good for you
Everything that takes you out of your comfort zone
And everything that stops a habit for a while
For instance
Stopping with smoking
Can also be a form of fasting
Or stopping being with drinking coffee or alcohol
Can be a form of fasting

In general, when you fast
You break the habit
And this is something that expands
Your inner power
Your inner stability
Your inner freedom
If you are for a short while
Not dependent on the things that you fast from
It gives you a certain amount of freedom
It gives you a new perspective
And this is exactly the point of fasting
So try it
You might like it

This was our message
Thank you.

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