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Today I would like to talk to you about anger
And its big brother fear

Because if you look at the emotion of anger closely
You will see that it’s related to fear
Fear and anger dance together
And for many people anger is a taboo

Anger is not something that you are allowed to express
Or even allowed to feel
Anger is labeled as a bad emotion
Fear is okay
It’s okay to be fearful
To be afraid
To have fear
That is accepted in society
Sometimes it’s even praised
Those who are capable of having fear
Are labeled as more human, sometimes
These are generalizations, of course

But look closely at the emotion of anger in your own life
What place does anger have in your life
Your personal relation with anger, is it easy or is it difficult
Are you afraid to express your anger
Do you repress your anger
Do you hold back your anger
Do you label your anger as a bad emotion
Look at that closely
Are you comfortable with your anger
Or are you uncomfortable with your anger
Do you judge it as being a wrong emotion

Well, let me tell you
Anger is anger
Just as the night is the night and the day is the day
Anger is there
It’s there
You cannot deny it
You cannot repress it
You can but you should not
The best way to deal with anger is to let the anger flow freely
And of course
You do not have to terrorize your fellow humans with your anger
You do not have to dominate with your anger
You should not do that
But to let your anger out
To let it flow freely is very very healthy
Repressing anger is not healthy

So if you have this emotion of anger in you
And you are afraid to express it freely
In the face of another human being
Go to the beach or go into nature
Go and walk in the woods or wherever
Go into nature where you are alone
And express your anger there

Vocalize your anger
Give it words
Give it screams
Give it voice
Give it expression
With your body, with your fists
Take a branch and start to hit some trees
Or just scream into the wind
And scream your anger
This is perfectly alright
Very beneficial and very healthy

And you might even break down and start to cry
And feel the pain that’s underneath the anger
Because underneath the anger there is always pain or fear
Like I said, fear and anger go hand in hand

And explore it
Explore your anger
Look at it
Feel it
Express it
Be with it
Do not condemn it
Do not hold back
And do not terrorize others with it
Because some people do this
They take other people hostage with their anger
With their aggression

I don’t want you to do that
Do not hold people hostage with your anger

And aggression and anger
They do not necessarily have to do something with each other
Aggression is a form of anger that has almost mutated
Aggression is distorted anger
But pure anger, it’s a very healthy and a very clear emotion
Let it out
And let it out in such a way that is acceptable for you
And acceptable for others

So do it in nature
Or sometimes confront somebody else with your anger
It can be very healthy and very beneficial too
If people step over your boundaries
Again and again, you want to say stop to them
Stop, you are invading my space
You are invading my territory
Stop, I do not like it
I do not want you to do it
And by saying that in an angry tone
By expressing your anger, your frustration
It’s perfectly alright

Many people are afraid to do this
To say no,
To say stop
To say, I do not want this
They have learnt to be polite
They have learnt to be friendly
But they have not learnt to be angry

And as long as you do not deal with your anger freely
There is no balance
There are only smiles
And only politeness
And only neatness
There is no real human there

Anger is a part of the package
Fear is a part of the package
Express it

We will talk about fear another day in another whisper
But today we talk about anger
So first of all, embrace the fact that you have anger in you
And secondly, embrace the fact that there is nothing wrong with your anger
Don’t condemn it
Don’t label it as bad
It is there

And the more you express it
The more you let it flow
The more you let it out
The more comfortable you become with it
And the more balanced you will become
And it will find its way in your life
It will find its way
And it will settle
It will balance itself

If you start to express your emotions
All of your emotions
In the end, they will settle and come into balance
And you yourself will be a more balanced person
Dancing with your emotions
Being comfortable with all your emotions
Emotions are there
You cannot deny them
And neither should you deny them

So off you go
To the beach
To the woods
And start expressing your anger
Your frustration


This was my message

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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