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Today I would like to talk to you about pain
And I do not mean physical pain
I mean emotional pain

Bad memories
Painful memories
If you give the average human a choice
Go to that pain
Or get away from that pain
They almost all will choose to get away from that pain
To numb that pain
To deny that pain

And of course you can numb your pain
With alcohol
With drugs
With sex
With gambling
With so many other forms
Where you can distract yourself
And get away from your emotional pain
But the shortest way to happiness
And the shortest way to inner freedom
And the shortest way to live a fulfilled life
Is to go to your pain

So instead of getting away from the pain
You go straight to the pain
And this is counterintuitive
Because intuition tells you
Get the hell out of here
Get away from the fire
And now instead of running away from the fire
You walk into the fire of the pain
Into the fire of your pain

And it’s not natural
And yet it is so important to do it
For it is the only way to get rid of the pain
There is no other way
The only way to get rid of old wounds
Old unhealed wounds within you
Old unhealed layers within you

The only way to get away from them
Is to go to them and heal them
Work with them
And if you are not qualified to do it by yourself
If you don’t trust yourself to do it on your own
Go and find help
Go to somebody, a professional
That can help you

And if you heal these old layers
This old wounding
This old pain
If you heal all that
Your life will become
So much more richer
You’ll have many many more choices
And you will chose differently
Your whole perspective on life will broaden
You will make new friends
You will have new experiences
You will have new adventures
And you will feel, think and see differently
Than you did before

It is truly beneficial
But very very few people chose
To go to their pain voluntarily
They would rather wait until
Something happens to them where they have to
They get a burn out
Or they become very sick
Or they get a divorce
Or they go through hardships
And when the pain
The inner pain
The emotional pain
Becomes unbearable
Only then are people, reluctantly
Willing to heal themselves
To go inside and heal themselves
While the benefit and the reward of going inside
And healing your pain is Inner Freedom
And that is truly a gift

You have to go inside
Go to the pain
To dig up the gold and the diamonds
It is a cosmic law
And of course
You can ask us, your spiritual helpers
Please help me to heal my pain
And we will
But you will have to deal with your pain
You will have to relive some memories
In order to put them into the present perspective
To release them from the childhood memory
And the childhood perspective
And now, because you are grown up
Your perspective is much wider
And richer
And deeper

So healing for you
As an adult, as a grown up
Is not at all difficult
Yes it is sometimes painful
But it is never difficult
All you have to do is
Go inside and do the work
And after having done enough work
The gold will show up
The gold will come
You will hold gold and diamonds in your hand
Your diamonds
Your gold

And we wish this for you
We wish for you that you face your pain
You face your emotional pain
In order to free yourself
And if you ask us
We will gladly help you

The only thing you have to do is
Muster the courage to go inside
And why wait?
Why wait any longer?
Start today
Start looking for somebody
That can help you
And that is capable
And willing
And able to help you
And away you go
On your journey
To a more happy life

Be blessed
And have a blessed journey

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

emotional pain-mantra

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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