Today I would like to talk to you about believing your own bullshit
Your own story
Your own tape
The tape you have listened to a thousand times
The tape you have played to yourself
Ten thousand times
The groove
The rut
The circle of who you are and how you live your life
And what you can
And what you can’t
And why everything is difficult
And how you are totally right
About it all being difficult and hard

If you close your eyes
And ground yourself through your feet
By willfully contacting the earth
Willfully connecting with the earth energy
Through your feet
And then concentrate on your breath
Or instead of concentrate
Rather, witness your breath
And follow your breath
It is the most effective and most easy way
To start to meditate

If you do this and you ask yourself
At a point where you are quiet
You have quieten down yourself
You have calmed yourself
And you have sunken deeper into yourself
If you then ask yourself the honest question
What is my bullshit
What is the bullshit I am selling myself
To not fully live my life
To not be successful
To not be my essence
To not live my essence
And totally be who I am meant to be

If you honestly ask yourself everyday
What is my bullshit
What is MY bullshit
What is the bullshit I am telling myself
That stands in the way between me and my greatness
Between me and living my full potential

You will get an answer
You will start to see the patterns
The rut
The groove that you are into
You will start to see your bullshit
And your bullshit will start to surface
More and more

And all you have to do is look it in the face
Look at it
Look at your own mantras
That keep you small
And keep you down
And keep you in ‘impossible land’
Because that is what you truly do
You keep yourself in a space
Where things are not possible for you

And why are they not possible for you
Or why are they difficult for you
Or why are they hard for you
Because you are repetitively selling yourself
The same bullshit about why you can’t
Why you are not big enough
Why you are not good enough
Why you are not smart enough
Why you are not rich enough
Why you are not, etcetera, etcetera

So once the bullshit becomes clear
Then the next step is to ask us to help you
To lift that bullshit from your energy field
To clear that bullshit from your energy field
To heal that
To clean that
To heal that
And to bring in the alternative

So what is the alternative
If I am not selling myself bullshit anymore
Then what is starting to become possible in my life
What new possibility
What new reality emerges
What is possible if this old bullshit
Is no longer holding me back
And keeping me down
If I no longer keep myself cornered with
My own bullshit
If I step into a new reality
A new inner and outer freedom
Then what is possible?
What is my next step?

Ask yourself that
And ask us to help you with that new reality
To fill in the blanks
To bring you new opportunities
To bring you new possibilities
To help you reinforce that new
And create that new reality

Ask for our help
We are very very happy to help you
We love to help you
We want to help you
But as always
You have to ask us first
You have to tell us that this is your desire
That this is your plan
That you do not want to live your bullshit any longer
But that you want to step out of that corner
Into your Essence
Into your greatness
Into your new future
You have to tell us that that is your plan
That is what you are up to
And you have to ask us for help
Help me to create that new reality

And we will
In many many ways
We will bring you opportunity to live your life differently
To live a happy life full of possibility
Full of joy
Full of opportunity
To live your Essence
Because that is what you came here to do in the first place
To live your Essence

And very few of you do live their Essence
For many many many many of you live their bullshit
And believe their bullshit
But it is not necessary for you to do the same
You can step out of that trap
You can step out of that small world
You can step out of the corner
Step into the light
Step into your light
Step into your essence

This was our message

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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