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Today I would like to talk to you about the subject of
Dedication and Motivation

And as you can imagine those two go hand in hand
For without motivation there can never be dedication
And the other way around
Without dedication there can be no motivation

And it is a tricky thing
Motivation and dedication
They are tricky things in this particular aspect that
They cannot be faked
Motivation and dedication can never be faked
You cannot pretend you are motivated
You cannot pretend you are dedicated
You can, and sometimes people do
But you will fail, of course
It will only last for a short period
But true dedication comes from an inner desire
And that is something that is priceless
The inner desire
The minute you can connect that what you are doing
To an inner desire
You are tapping into gold
For it is a combination that can truly take you a long way
And can truly work miracles for you and with you

And that might bring you to the question
Yes, but how do I start an inner desire
How do I bring that about?
How do I bring that to life?
An inner desire

An inner desire is something
That always resonates with your inner being
And it also is something
That resonates with that aspect of your soul
That wants and needs to be brought into existence
And realization in this lifetime
But from their mind, people are often trying to find something
That fires them up
That fires up their passion
That fires up their inner desire

And the thing is
You cannot do it from your mind
That is the totally wrong realm to work from
So if you are in a position right now
Where your life is without challenges
Where your life is dull
Where you are at a place
Where you do not know what to do with your life
You feel bored
You feel numb
So you come up with something from the realm of the mind
And now you start and go and do it
You will not succeed
It will not last
It will bring you no joy
It will bring you nowhere

And why is that
Because you made it up yourself
There is a way that is far more easy
All you have to do is close your eyes
And feel your feet
And witness your breath
And keep doing that for a while
And then let your breath bring you
To a place inside yourself
Where you can receive answers
That you ask not from your mind
But from your intuition

And for people who have never done this
Who have worked with their mind and trusted
And relied upon their mind all their life
This is something they really have to get used to
But your breath is truly your guide
So let your breath guide you
And at some stage it is almost as if
You feel a cloink
You tap into a realm within you
Within your abdominal area, so to speak
Where there is peace
Where there is stillness
Where there is silence
And you feel as if peace itself is dawning on you
And this is where you can start to connect with your intuition
It goes automatic
You don’t have to do anything
And once you are there
Once you are really calm and relaxed
And you are drifting in the silence of your inner being
You can now ask
Literally ask with words
You can do it aloud
Or you can do it quietly within yourself
But you have to come up with the words
Can you please help me to find
For instance, my purpose in life
Or can you connect me to my inner desire
Or can you connect me to that aspect of my soul
That wants to be brought into existence
Into realization in this lifetime

And who do you ask your question?
Who do you direct your question to
It is us
It is your spiritual helpers
Your spirit guides
Your angels
Your archangels
It is that whole realm of spiritual helpers
That are there to guide you on your path
And again
If you have only operated from the mind until now
All this might sound very strange to you
But do not worry
We are there
No matter whether you believe it or not
We are there and all you have to do is ask us
And we will answer
We will answer directly through images
Mental images you will receive
Or hunches you will receive
Or suddenly you know
You know what you have to do
You know what is good for you
You know what to follow
Or people will start to come your way
People that will suddenly start to talk to you
About a subject or a topic
Or on the news
Or in the newspaper
Or through the spoken, through the written word
You will receive information
That suddenly puts you on a certain path
And this can be quite unexpected
So this is how it happens

And the minute it comes out of you in this way
Motivation and dedication are no longer an issue
They are there
For that inner desire is suddenly there
Because now there is a purpose in your life
That is bigger than you
It is the calling of your soul
And from that moment onwards
Motivation and dedication will be there
And will guide you
And will walk with you

So if you are right now in a place
Where there is no inner motivation
There is no life purpose
There is no desire
There is no motivation and dedication
And you want that in your life
Here is your answer
Try it
And if you don’t succeed at once
Which you might not
You have to repeat this process for a while
For a week
A month
A few months, even
But eventually you will connect with that inner desire
And everything will start to develop from there
And your life will change for the better
And this is what we wish for you

This was our message
Thank you

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