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Dance with urgency

Dance with urgency

Today I would like to talk to you about urgency

Certain things in your life need your urgent attention
They need to be done here and now
For everything in life there is a window of opportunity
And yes, sometimes the window is very big
And very flexible
And you can postpone for many many many many days
Weeks, months, and even years

That is not urgency
That is convenience
But if something has a limited time
If something has a limited window of opportunity
You should act swiftly and rapidly and immediately

And the secret is to know the difference between
Real urgency and caffeine or adrenaline inducted urgency
The urgency of wanting it now
Needing it now
Doing it now
That is an urgency too
That is a form of urgency

You want a hamburger so go out on the streets
And you go and buy the hamburger
That is urgency there because you need, you want
You need that hamburger
This is not the urgency I talk about

The urgency I talk about is truly a doing from you
That helps you to go further
To move on
To go to the next level
To better your life

For instance, you feel this urgency to call an old friend
Or to call your mother or to call your uncle or to call your brother
Whatever, that doesn’t matter, it’s about the urgency
And you do not act upon it
Because you have to do something else
Life gets in the way
And you leave it
And then this person dies
I hope not, of course I wish this not for you
But it’s an example so don’t take it personally
It’s only an example

So from the inside
From your intuition
Comes the urgency, the call, the whisper
Hey, call this person
And do it now
And for some reason you let life get in the way
And you don’t do it and then this person dies
It’s a harsh example but this is life
It happens

Now, you will regret this for the rest of your life
Why haven’t I called them
Why have I not called this person
You feel guilty about it
You feel bad about it

Why, because you did not listen
There was a very very limited window of opportunity there
And you should have ceased the moment
Bam, do it
Now, that’s the kind of urgency I am talking about
And there are many instances in your life where this happens
You will receive an inkling like, hey, go and do this
Go and do that
Go there
Read this
See this person
Go to this village
Go this country
Go to this capital, this city, whatever

And if you start to listen
To these little pullings
These little inklings
And you get good at it
And you will truly get lessons from them
It is your intuition teaching you to follow up
On its calling

And the more you do that, the more you follow up
The more you will become good at it
It’s a dance, the intuition and you dancing together
And it will truly help you to better your life
To go to places within you and outside of you
And I don’t mean places like cities
I mean levels of consciousness
And levels of development
Where you would not have come
That you would not have reached
If you would not have listened to all the little whispers
From your soul
From your intuition
And, hey, go and do this
Hey, go and see that one
Hey, go there

So I invite you to dance with urgency
And clearly, sometimes you will listen to the wrong voice
You will listen to the wrong urgency
And then it is nothing
It’s only the hamburger you want
Don’t worry about it
By learning
By making mistakes
By doing it again
And trusting and believing
And taking it on face value
Take it on face value
If your intuition tells you, go and do this
Just go and do it

And sometimes you do not understand why
What’s the point here
Don’t worry, in due time it will all become clear
Living this way will truly help you to better your life
Try it
Not for a day
Not for a week
Not for a month
Try it for a year and learn from the mistakes
And learn to distinguish what is what
And when to act upon it
And when to leave it

All this will be conveyed
If you diligently listen to your intuition calling
If you listen to the urgency of your intuition calling

This was my message
Thank you


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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