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Today I like to talk to you
About creating your own reality
For that is what you do
You and everybody else

And how do you do that?
The books you read
The news you watch
Taken in through the senses
The eyes, the ears, the smell

Of course you have mores senses
But these three
The eyes, the ears and the smell
Are very important
In the process of creating your own reality
Now everything you think
Everything you hear
Everything you see
Leaves an impression inside of you
And that combined with everything
You have ever experienced before
Creates a reality

And for most people
Reality is something outside of them
‘The ways of the world’
And the way you react to it is
With anger, with fear
With disgust, with outrage
There is many, many things
Going on in the world
Fighting religions
Wars, terrorist attacks
People shooting people
The whole #metoo movement
Were sexual abuse
And sexual harassment
Are being exposed right now
So the world really is in turmoil
The world outside of you

And it is not only the world outside of you
That whole world
Has a vibrational influence on you
On your state of being
On the way you feel
On the way you think
On the way you behave
So the outside world resonates with you
Influencing the way you feel
And even though
What is happening outside of you is real
The way you react to it
And the way it makes you feel
And the way it makes you behave
Doesn’t necessarily have to be that way

So today we would like to stress
The importance of meditation
To shut yourself deliberately off
From all that noise
From all that clutter
From all that restlessness
Make a clean cut
At least once a day

Become quiet
Close your eyes
And go inside of yourself
Go to the stillness of your breath
And connect with nothingness
With timelessness
With stillness

And this whole business
Of shutting off your thoughts
And your brain
Don’t even worry about it
Let your mind do its thing
While you are sitting there
Or laying there
With your eyes closed
Just being with your breath
Connecting with your Essence
With what we call your Essence
And what is your Essence truly?
It is the timelessness
The stillness
That level inside of you
That has always been there
Will always be there
And even is there
After you left this earthly plain

This is what we call your Essence
And it is not abstract
It is very real
For truly you are a Spiritual being
Having a human experience
So your Essence, your Soul, is energy
That part of you that has always been there
And will always be there
Whether you have a body or not
And for some of you this might be abstract
This might sound abstract
But it truly is not
It is reality
Your Essence came into this body
And was born onto this world
And it will leave this world as you die
But IT will not die itself, it will go on
Your Essence, your Soul will go on

And by connecting with that reality
And that layer in you
That Energy in you
You will feel
Timelessness and stillness
And it is very beneficial to connect
With just that part of you
For there is no thought there
There is no fear there
There is no restlessness there
No clutter
There is just Stillness
There is Knowing
There is Wisdom
And to connect with that part in you
Gives you the possibility
To reset yourself in this World

And on that level you can make decisions
Of how you want your life to be
Who you want to be
And even better
For you to discover who you truly are
Why did you come to this earth in this lifetime?
Why were you born in this lifetime?
What is your task?
What do you have to do here?
What can you do here?
And this is not about what do you want to do here?
This is about you expressing who you really are
That aspect of your soul
That wants to be expressed in this lifetime
If you connect with that reality
And if you live that reality
Then you are connected to your true life purpose

And if it is to abstract for you
If your mind cannot grasp it
As us for help
Ask us, ‘show me’
Show me my life purpose
Show me that aspect of me
That aspect of my soul
That wants to express itself in this lifetime
Ask us
If you really want to know
And if you really want to
Live your life purpose
Ask us
But be aware
It is hardly ever without consequence
For it is not always comfortable
It can be demanding
It can come with great responsibility

But then again
If this is your true life purpose
You can handle it
And we will help you
So if there is an issue
With your life purpose
With finding your life purpose
If every time you hear us
Or others talk about life purpose
And you go like
What Is My Life Purpose?!?
I don’t know what my life purpose is
What is life purpose any way?
Then ask us
Ask us to help you
And don’t ask us once or twice or three times
No, do it every day
Ask us every day
Until you have
Heard or Found or Felt
Or experienced the answer
And sometimes it is a process that takes months
So don’t give up easily
When you really want to know your life purpose
Ask us
And we will be very happy to help you
We are very happy to help you
Create a reality
Your reality
Your true reality
Not the reality outside of you
But your reality
Ask us and we will help you

This was my message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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