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Create from nothing

Create from nothing

Today I would like to talk to you about a technique
Called Create From Nothing

This is a technique to exercise your intuition
Your intuitive creation process, if you wish
And it’s a process that you can use
For Ideas
For drawing
For writing
For creating something
For a new business product,
Well, any creative process
So a process where you yourself want to create something new
That does not exist yet

And here we go
You sit down quietly
You close your eyes
And you concentrate on your wish to create
That what you want to create
So if you want to write you concentrate on writing
If you want to get an idea for an outline
For a new product
You concentrate on the outline

And you become quiet
So you sit
You feel yourself
You feel your base
Your feet
Your butt
Your body
And you feel your breath
And you quietly ask for inspiration and input
And you put this as a question
Can you please give me input
Can you please give me inspiration
Can you please give me ideas
And then you surrender
You surrender
And you just feel yourself
You feel your breath
And you follow your breath
Just witness how your breath goes up and down
In and out

And forget your mind
If your mind goes on racing and thinking
Try not to quiet it down
Because if you want to quiet down your mind
You focus on your mind
And then your mind will get more intense
And chatter and being active
So instead of focusing on your mind
Focus on your breath
On your breath only

In the meanwhile, you feel your base, your body
And every thought that comes up in your mind
Just as a cloud drifting by on a summer day
When you lay on the grass
And you see the cloud come into your vision
You see it in your vision
And then it drifts out of your vision
It’s the same with the thought
Any thought that comes into your mind
Just let it be
It will go away by itself

And you will feel after a while that you will sink more
Into the awareness of your breath
So you will become quiet
Your breath will become deeper
And more relaxed
And you will become more relaxed and quiet
And you still follow your breath
And you still feel your base
And your breath will become deeper
Slower, deeper
And you will relax into your breath more and more

And at some stage intuition kicks in
Intuition takes over
It’s very distinct from mind chatter
So although you might get a picture in your mind
It is not your regular fantasy
It is something different
It is on a different level
It has a different feel
A different vibration
A different energy

And this is suddenly a new idea
It’s suddenly the input
That you have been asking for
That you have been waiting for
And now the input comes
Go write about this subject
And use these and these and these words
And finish with that sentence
And publish this piece in that blog platform
Maybe that detail
So that’s what you do

You then thank the universe for its input
And you start to write your piece
And you use exactly that what your intuition has told you
Has given you

This is what you have asked for
And this is what you now go and put into action
And put into life
So you make it real
You create it in reality

And it’s the same for the idea for a drawing
Or it’s the same for the idea for the outline of a concept
It will come to you if you quiet down yourself
And if you ask for it
Very specifically, ask
Ask and you shall be given
That’s how it works
It’s a law
It’s one of the laws of the universe
Ask and you shall be given

And the only thing you have to do is become quiet
Slow down
Listen to your intuition and then
Receive the answer

And if you are not used to this process
It might take a while
It might take some exercise as well
Before you can do it easily
But then later on it becomes more and more easy
It goes quicker
It goes faster
You can do it anywhere
In the car
On the toilet
While you are waiting in line
For your hamburger at MacDonald’s
It can be anywhere

And if it is more complex
You sit down quiet, in a quiet spot,
You take more time
But sometimes it’s like
A question like
Please show me a parking space
In the next two minutes
So you can make it that specific
Please show me a parking space
A free parking space in the next two minutes
And you have been looking
For a free parking space for half an hour
And then exactly within the two minutes
Somebody comes, steps in their car
Drives away and leaves an open space for you
Right in front of you

Why, this is how it works
Ask and you shall be given
Try it, exercise
Anything is possible if you ask
And then listen
And then follow up on that which you receive
Or that what you phantom
That what you see

This was my message


Thank you


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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