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Confidence is truly walking your own path

Confidence is truly walking your own path

Today I would like to talk to you about confidence
Self confidence

It is something young people do not have, easily
And the reason is that you grow up
With so much confusion
Put into your system and into your mind
And nowhere
Hardly anywhere
Is there anybody telling you
To follow your own truth
To follow your own wisdom
To follow your own knowing
So you do not even know what that means

Maybe you have an inkling
Maybe you have a hint
That there must be something out there
That is your wisdom
Your truth
Your knowing

And of course
There is this layer within you
Where you have access
To that reality
But on top of that layer there are layers
And layers, and layers, and layers of foreign voices
Telling you
How to live
How to behave
What to do
What not to do
What to think
What not to think
How to act or not to act
How to react or not to react

And of course
This all clouds your clear vision
Your clear confidence
The confidence in you

And to attain that level of being again
That level of being
To attain that again
It needs work from you

First of all
You need to acknowledge that
There is this layer inside of you that knows
It knows
It has wisdom
It has Knowledge
It has truth
It has knowing
There is a lot of intuition there
In the knowing there is a lot of intuition

And you can uncover that layer within you
By, one by one
Pulling off all the layers
That are not true
That do not have wisdom
That only have borrowed knowledge
or only have judgment

There is a lot of judgment
And there are a lot of layers
And judgment is clouding your knowledge
Clouding your wisdom
Clouding your truth
Because a lot of that Judgment is not yours
You adopted it
From teachers
From parents
From leaders

And confidence comes
to those who follow their own vision
Follow their own truth
Follow their own wisdom
Follow their own knowing
For they know it is good
Even though everybody else thinks
It can’t be done
It’s wrong
It’s whatever ………

But they cannot see what you see
They cannot feel what you feel
They cannot envision what you envision

So confidence truly is
Walking your own path
And the more you do that
The more confident you will become
The more self confidence you will develop
And all the little voices of confusion
Will eventually die down
Because you simply Know

And of course you can be wrong
You can make mistakes
But you are only human
You are not perfect
So you’ll learn from your mistakes

And you’ll learn to listen even more
And even better
And even follow up
Upon your insights
And your knowing
And your truth
And your wisdom
More and more

And the more you do
The more confident you will be
You will walk your path
With confidence
With self confidence
And this is what I wish for you

And how do you uncover all these other layers
By being quiet
By closing your eyes
My meditating on your truth
And even asking the universe
Show me my truth today
Show me my wisdom today
Show me my knowing today
Teach me

Or you can ask, help me
Help me to see my own wisdom
Help me to see my own truth
Help me to see my own knowing
And give me the courage to follow up
Follow up on what I see
And what I feel
And what I know
Because it takes courage
It truly takes courage

Walk your truth
Speak your truth
Live your truth

This is what I wish for you


This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Confidance is truly walking your own path


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