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This is something that many of you know already
And this whisper is for the stubborn ones
The ones that do not believe in magic
This whisper is about coincidence

There is no such thing as coincidence
And let me repeat that
And let me stress that
There is no such thing as coincidence
And why not
Everything that happens to you
Is a reflection of your thoughts and your feelings
So it is the sum of your vibrational field
Whatever is in your vibrational field
You will attract

So sometimes you will attract situations
That you need to attract
That you need to learn from
That you need to grow from
That need to you experience
The people you meet
The things you hear
The things you read
The things in general happening to you
Are no coincidence whatsoever, none

And then there is us
Your spirit tribe
Whether you know us or not
Whether you believe in us or not
That is not important
We are there
And we constantly give you little hints
Little inklings
Little signs
And most of them you don’t even notice
Or you don’t even realize it is us giving you hints
Trying to push you in the right direction
Trying to protect you
Trying to help you
You don’t realize this but we are there
And we are there for you

And if you have a very scientific orientated mind
You don’t believe all this bogus
All this metaphysical stuff
You hardly believe in spirituality
And yet some part of you does
Otherwise you would not be reading this right now
Or listening to this right now
So for the scientifically orientated mind
Or the understanding orientated mind
This is very difficult to grasp
And yet it is true
Everything that is happening to you
Is happening to you for a reason
And it’s mainly happening to you
Because you yourself have created it

And how did you create it
With your thoughts
And with your feelings
With your emotions
So your thoughts and your emotions
Create a field of reality in which you operate
This is why reality is unique to everybody
To each and every person
Reality is totally unique
Two people witnessing the same happening
Two people witnessing the same scene
The same whatever
And it’s totally different
For each of them it is totally different
People see, hear and feel what they vibrate with
And what they resonate with in their own energy field
In their own vibrational field
So this whole idea of coincidence does not exist

It’s important that you hear this
For if you know that coincidence does not exist
Then you can start to make a beginning with
Listening and observing the signs that we are giving you
And a very good question to ask yourself is
What is the universe trying to tell me here?
Or what are my spiritual helpers trying to tell me here?
And you can even asks us if you go one step further
You can openly ask us
Spirit helpers please explain to me
Or show me
Or tell me
What is happening here?
Why is this happening to me now?

If disaster strikes
And you asks us why did disaster strike
What happened
What is going on here
We will start to communicate with you
Because you start to communicate with us
And the minute you start to communicate with us
You give us the sign
Go ahead, I want this
I want to establish a relationship
Otherwise I wouldn’t be communicating with you
So now we can start to communicate with you

Why not before
Because you have free will
We will not interfere in your free will
That is the whole idea behind
The experiment humanity
You are a universal experiment
The fact that you are living on this earth
Having free will
Is truly a sociological experiment
a psychological experiment
And we are there to help you
To guide you
To protect you
To show you
To teach you
And you can connect with us willfully
And we will communicate back to you

So whenever you ask us
What the heck is happening here?
We will answer
It will not be a voice from the sky
A booming voice saying
You have done wrong things
And this is why we punish you
No, it will not be like that
But you will get insights
You will receive dreams
You will receive mental images
You will receive sudden knowledge
Suddenly you know
Ahh, this is what it is
Like inspiration
Like a muse whispering in your ear
And telling you what is happening

So it is very subtle
These are subtle energies
And you will have to tune in to them
And get acquainted with them
And get to know them
And slowly but surely, gradually
You will grow into building your relationship with us
And then you will see that nothing
And I’ll say it again
Nothing ever is a coincidence
Everything is orchestrated
Either by you yourself
Or by us

This was our message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

❥ Whispers are transformative channelings we receive from our Spirit Tribe. Whispers teach knowledge that invites you to align with Self & Source and awakens you to the inner calling of your Essence.

These Whispers Love to be shared, so please share them with your friends! Love, Light, Knowledge & Wisdom are much needed right now, by many in this confused world.

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