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Your Celebration Day

Your Celebration Day

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Today I would like to talk to you
About Celebration Day
For in your Life
There will come a day
That you can call celebration day
After you have done all the work
And after you have walked your path
Cleaned your shit
And did all the things you have to do
To honor your Essence
To dig up the gold
And the diamonds deep within
After you have walked your walk
Talked your talk
And did all the right things
And did all the wrong things
But finally reached your destiny
You being fully connected to You
To your Essence
In full contact with your Life Purpose
And living your Life Purpose

Then there will suddenly come the realization
I have done it
I have reached this point
I had so many breakthroughs
And breakdowns
And breakthroughs again
And now I am finally here
And things start to go my way
Everything is humming in my life
Like a little diesel engine
Or maybe like a huge big diesel engine
And everything is going smooth
And I am in the flow
I am in the zone
And I am truly connected
To the fullness of me
And the fullness of Life
If that day has come in your Life
You not only should Celebrate
But you will Celebrate
For it is a Glorious Day
It is your day
It is time to Celebrate YOUR Success
Celebrate all the Hardships
Celebrate all the Triumphs
It is your Day of Days
Celebration Day
And the secret to
Reaching that goal
And reaching that stage
If you like you could even call it
A stage of development
A stage of consciousness
The secret of reaching that state
Reaching that huge Celebration state
Is to Celebrate your Life
And your Successes
Often and always

Never forget to Celebrate Life
Never forget to Celebrate You
Never forget to Celebrate your Victories
The Celebration
The Joy of Celebration is so important
Next to Gratefulness it is another one
Of these huge Life Enhancers
And it will stimulate your development
It will stimulate your growth
Stimulate your wisdom
It will stimulate your depth
Dance, Sing, Smile, Go Crazy
Run, Scream, Enjoy
And say Thank You
And say YES
I am Happy
Life is Great

Life has granted me another Gift
The Universe has granted me
Another reason to Celebrate
I have conquered another obstacle
Yet another Obstacle
Yet another Victory
And yes I Celebrate it
I am Happy
I am Grateful
And I Celebrate

And all these little Celebrations
And big Celebrations
Will get you there
The minute you reach that day
The minute that day has come in your life
You know it is your Victory day
Your Celebration Day
And will that be the only Huge
Breakthrough-Celebration-Day in your life?
No, not at all
There will be many
There will be plenty
And there will follow more
But that ONE Big One
After you have gone through so much
And gone through so many defeats
And gone through so many Victories
Small and Large
And you finally reaching that one stage
Were you say YES
YES this is what I always knew I could reach
But until now I wasn’t able
And Now I am there
That day
That DAY
You will know
And it is very important to Celebrate that Day
And to Celebrate Life
And to Celebrate Yourself

As much as possible
Celebration is oil
The oil of Life
The oil of Growth
The oil of Joy
Celebrate as much as you can
And enjoy life
Enjoy the Journey
Your Journey
Towards Greatness

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Celebration Day - Mantra


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