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For many of you this is a new year full of possibility and promise
And for the greater part
It is up to you how this New Year will develop
And today, I would like to talk to you in particular about breakthroughs
For many of you use the word breakthrough
And many of you are having breakthroughs
And many of you are invited to have breakthroughs

Now, first of all
To start your new year
You have to make a decision
How are you going to create this New Year
Are you going to do what you have done all your life
The same old, same old
Or are you going to be and do different things
If you want to do different things
The first thing you have to do is decide and gather your courage
And decide that you are going to be courageous in this New Year
So summon courageousness to your side
Into your energy field

And how do you do that
You invite courage
You say courage come to me this year
And accompany me this whole year
Stand by me
Stand next to me
And help me to be courageous
Help me to do things that I have never done before
That I didn’t dare before
That I didn’t do before
Help me to be courageous

And what else
What else do you need to make it a year full of breakthroughs?
Courage is one thing
And another thing is do not postpone
Do not wait until tomorrow
Next week
Next year
Next month
If there is something that you have to do now
Do it now
And maybe you don’t have to do it now
Because now is not always the right time
But you have to decide now that you are going to do it
And then you have to decide when you are going to do it

And if it is longer than one month
Or two months
Or three months away
Then the chance is very big that you are not going to do it
So if you have to write somebody
Or phone somebody
Or talk to somebody
Or do something
Decide today when you will be doing it
Next week
The end of this month
And then write it down

Write it down in your computer
Or write it down in your diary
And make sure you do not forget
And remind yourself every day
Okay, I have decided that I am going to do so and so
This and this at this date, at that date
And remind yourself every day until that day has come
And then do it

And what else
Decide on what time you will do it on that day
So if it is going to be six o’clock in the morning
Or nine o’clock in the morning
Or twelve o’clock at noon
Or six o’clock at night
That doesn’t really matter
But apart from the date also decide upon the time
That you are going to do this
And believe me, this makes it really more easy

So next to courage
You have summoned courage next to you
Now what you have to do is
Summon decisiveness and action next to you
Into your energy field
First of all decisiveness
So invite decisiveness
Say, please decisiveness
Come to me and stand next to me
And accompany me in 2018
And action, please come into my life
Come into my life
Stand next to me
Come into my energy field and accompany me in 2018
So that I always take the proper action
That I act
That I do
And then you invite the right time
And the right moment into your life

And this is a tricky one
Because for some people this is a cop out
Nah, it’s not the right time
Nah, it’s not the right moment
So I better wait
One more month
Two more months
Three more months
And before you know it 2018 is gone
And you still haven’t done what you were supposed to do
Or what you decided you were going to do
So be very careful with right time
And right moment

There is a right time and a right moment for everything
And don’t use that one as a cop out
As an excuse, do not
If the right time, like I said before
Is not now and today
Then tomorrow
Or next week
Or next month
But after that it is just you, most of the time
Nine hundred and ninety-nine times out of a thousand times
It is you finding an excuse

And believe me
You finding an excuse will bring you nowhere
Will not help you to have a breakthrough
For a breakthrough is something that you have never done before
Or that you don’t dare to do
Or that you are scared of doing and you do it anyway
And after you have done it
You feel great
You feel relieved
You feel happy
You feel proud of yourself
You feel bigger
Your reality has expanded
You have expanded
You are a bigger man or a bigger woman
Because you have done what it takes
To create that breakthrough
That is the doing that you have done
You have done something that created that breakthrough

And this is what we wish for you in 2018
But not only then but also in 2019
And 2020 and every other year of your life
We wish you many many breakthroughs
Because the more breakthroughs you have
The more happy your life is
For happiness lies on the other side of doing nothing
Leaving it
Postponing it
Avoiding it
That brings you nowhere
And to cross that line to have that breakthrough
That will give you freedom
Inner freedom
It will give you space
It will give you a new reality

And this is how you create your reality
Your new reality
By having breakthroughs
By being courageous
And this is what we wish for you
Every day of your life

And this was my message
Thank you

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