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Body Movements

Body Movements

Today I would like to talk to you about the benefits of bodily movements

And what I do mean here are subtle movements
Not so much effort
But more the movement of letting go
And being with the body
Being with the muscles
Being with the bones
Being with the breath
Being in relaxation

Such as yoga
Such as stretching
Such as massage
Body massage
Such as reflexology
We have hot stone massage
We have sauna
All these are very beneficial for
The body
The mind
And the spirit

And when we say body movement
We do not mean weight lifting
Or aerobics
Or spinning
Or going to a gym in general
To run
To row
These are very intensive movements
No, we mean subtle movements
Where you can sink into the body
And sink into your being

These are very beneficial for your heart
Your body
Your mind
Your spirit

And through these subtle movements
All of the movements that we mentioned
You can meet yourself on a different level
In another layer
A deeper layer
You can truly meet yourself
In relaxation
In letting go
In being with your breath
In being with your muscle relaxation
You can meet yourself

If you combine this with meditation
A meditative state
You will easily flow into more YOU
You will expand you
The awareness of you
But also you will expand your energy field
And you will let love and light and happiness
Into your energy field
Because with these subtle movements
Effortless movements
You also let your happy hormones flow
Like dopamine
And all these other happy hormones
That give you a feeling of wellbeing
That give you a feeling of happiness
Of contentment
And this is what the stressed human
In this modern world needs
This is what you need
It is an antidote to all the stress hormones
Building up
In your world
In your body
In your reality

You need at least once or twice a week
A body movement where you can truly let go
Through the muscles
Through the breath
And where you can meet yourself
This is very highly recommended
And very beneficial

And find a form that suits you
And we do not say here that you shouldn’t do
Or can’t do sports
Running or rowing or what have you not
Weight lifting
Please, if you want to do it, do it
But also combine this with the subtleness
The subtleness of you sinking into your muscles
In the relaxation
The letting go of stress energy
Through your breath
And through the relaxation of the muscles

We recommend this
And we wish you much pleasure

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

body movements-mantra

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