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Being dishonest

Being dishonest

Today I would like to talk to you on the subject of stealing
And not only stealing but also being dishonest

For stealing is something that many people do
Taking something that does not belong to them
Either in a shop
Or in a relationship
Or in many ways, shapes, and forms
For stealing is not only taking an item
Or taking money from somebody wrongfully
Of course this is stealing
But there are many many other ways of stealing
Something from somebody

The minute you are dishonest
You do not tell the truth
You do not say it like it is
You depict reality differently
In order to get something from somebody
That the other person would never give
If you would picture, the real picture
Picture the real reality

So basically you are telling a lie
In order to get something out of the other person
That the other person would never give to you
Had you told the truth
This is also stealing
It’s being dishonest
And it’s stealing

And what exactly does it do with you
The one that is stealing
If you are in a shop and you are taking something
That doesn’t belong to you
And you take it without paying
You are basically telling the universe
I cannot take care of myself
I have to be dishonest in order to survive
So basically all you are doing is surviving
Or maybe it is just a habit

Well, if it is just a habit
And you are doing it out of habit
It’s a bad habit
Because you are also telling the universe
I am not able to take care of myself
I am not able to let abundance come my way
I am not able to receive money honestly
Enough money to live
So I have to steal

You most probably will justify your action
You will tell somebody
Yeah, listen, I sometimes steal
But I have to steal
Because if I wouldn’t steal
I would not be able to survive, to make it
And this might be true
But by stealing
You do not stop this pattern of not having enough
You actually amplify this pattern of not having enough

The minute you would stop stealing
Or the minute you would stop being dishonest
In order to get something out of somebody
Or out of a situation
Or out of a job
The minute you would stop taking something wrongfully
You give yourself the chance to reset
And to turn that whole attitude
That whole realm around
That realm of lack
That realm of not having enough

And the thing is
Some of you are so used to taking wrongfully
That you do not know what it means to stop
But all you have to do is stop
Stop stealing
Stop taking wrongfully
Stop stealing somebody’s heart
So, for instance
Telling somebody I love you
To manipulate the other person
To receive sex or intimacy
From the other person
That is also stealing
That is also taking wrongfully

Like I said before
Stealing has many faces, many forms
But the best way to deal with this is
Stop doing it
And ask the universe
Help me to reverse this pattern
I am willing to stop
And I am stopping
I do stop
From now on
I will not manipulate truth any longer
In order to get something
I will not steal any longer
I will not lie any longer
I will stop it

But now I am scared
Because now I don’t know whether I can survive
Whether I can make ends meet
So please help me to make ends meet
Please help me to turn this whole vibration in me
This whole reality in me
Turn it around, 180 degrees
And please bring me into contact with abundance
Bring me into contact with me
Feeling and believing and knowing
That I will always have enough
For there is more than enough for me
All I have to do is ask
Please bring me in contact with that reality
And bring that reality into my life

And then do that everyday
Stop stealing every day
And stop stealing every time you want to
Slip into the easy old habit

Even if somebody gives you back wrong change
So instead of five dollars they give you ten dollars
Of course you can take the money and walk away
But consider it stealing
Just say to the other person
Sorry you gave me too much money
Please, I do not want to steal from you
You need the money more than I do
And maybe not, but it is your money
I don’t want to take your money
So please, have it back

And if the other person is so happy with you being honest
And says to you
No, please keep it, it’s all right
Then keep it
Because then you have been honest
And if the other person says
Thank you thank you
There is honest people on this earth
Feel the pride that you are being called an honest person
Because you just gave the other person their money back

And do it every day
Stop every time you get a chance to stop being dishonest
Stop being dishonest
And at the same time asks us
Please help me to step into the reality of abundance
Please bring abundance my way
Please bring abundance into my reality

And we will
We will
For we love you to be your own leader
We love you to be living in abundance
Instead of living in lack and shortage

This was my message
Thank you.

The MANTRA for today is:

being dishonest-mantra

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