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This is a hymn for the beggar
Those who are begging
And when we think of begging
We usually think of poor people
Who hold out their hand
Who look very poor and sad
And ask you for food or money
We see this in poor countries, India
But we see it everywhere
In the street
In big cities
People asking for your help

And yes
This message is for them
And about them
But there are many many many more forms of begging
Begging for love
A man in his heart begging for the love of a woman
A woman in her heart begging for the love of a child
Or begging for the love of a man
Parents begging for the love from their children
Employees begging for recognition from their superiors
And the list goes on and on

There is many many forms of begging
And the one who is begging is always in a position of helplessness
But not necessarily the reality of helplessness
But the vibration of helplessness
Helplessness is a thought-form that is very very limiting
And very strong
And a person can really be caught, captured
Almost imprisoned in that reality
In that realm
The realm where you feel so helpless
That your only way out is to beg
Please, please help me
For I myself I cannot take care of me

And for some people it is an easy way out
It is the most easy way out of pain
Out of misery
Instead of facing your reality
It is more easy to beg
Some people have made their profession out of begging
Professional beggars
They exist, and they do very well
They make good money
But of course
There are also many old people who have no loved ones
And who need to beg in order to have a piece of bread
In order to have some food
We see this in many poor countries
And this is a form of begging where in this life cycle
They will not escape from that
They are trapped in that
And they have no resources
No mental resources
No emotional resources to turn that around

So what I want to point out here today is
People that are begging somebody else
But they themselves are not beggars
They have jobs
They make a salary
They have a house
Now, this is emotional begging
The begging, see me
Hear me
Recognize me
Love me
Be there for me
This is a form of begging that stems from childhood
The helplessness of a child
So it is basically you being a grown up
But in your helplessness you are still a child
You are still connected to the helplessness of you
When you were a child

And the only way out
That you see out of this confinement
Is to beg
Please love me
But the cruelty of life is that
If you are in a position of begging
If you are in an emotional position
Where you have to beg for somebody’s love
Where you have to beg for somebody’s attention
For somebody’s recognition
You will never get it
Maybe sometimes they will throw you a bone
Like they throw a bone to the dog
But you will have to wait very long for them to do that
And most often they won’t
They won’t see you
They won’t love you
They won’t recognize you
They won’t acknowledge you
So this is a very helpless position

Now, if you are in such a position
For instance you are craving
Or you are longing for the love of somebody
You are begging for that love but you don’t get it
What to do?
The only thing you can do is go inside
Go inside of yourself
And go and reach out to that inner child that was so helpless
The you that was younger
The younger you
When you were four or five or six or seven
The age doesn’t really matter

If you go inside
First you mediate
So you feel your feet
You find your breath
You become quiet
You become peaceful
And some stage you ask your inner child
Can you please show me your helplessness

So you talk to your inner child as if it is an entity
And it is an entity
It is an energy, and in that sense it is an entity
The memory of that child still in you, has an energy
And the emotion of the child is still locked up in you
That is why you feel so helplessness in the now
And by talking to the inner child
And asking the inner child
What is it that makes you so helpless
And how can I, your grown up self
How can I help you to overcome this helplessness
To release this helplessness
To let go off this helplessness
What can I do for you

And it takes time
And it takes exercise
But by talking to your inner child
And listening to the answers
And listen to the answer on face value
If you get an answer
Do not question the answer
That is the answer
And work with that
And ask another question
Or hold that child
Take that child, imaginative
Take it on your lap
Take that energy on your lap
And caress the child
And love the child
And tell the child
I love you
I love you, let go

You can now let go of all that old memory
That helplessness
It is no longer necessary
I can see your helplessness
I can see your confusion
I can see your loneliness
It is no longer necessary
I am here for you
And I will help you
I love you

And by doing this
Not once, but often, more times
Maybe one month
Maybe six months
After some time that old emotion will heal
Will lgo
And will disappear from your life
And the need to be loved
Of course it is very nice to be loved
But you are no longer helpless if one person
Or two persons
Or five persons
Do not give you the love you desire
If they don’t love you
Well, then you move on
There are plenty more people in this world
Who do love you
So go to them
If it is love that you like
And if it is love that you need
Go and find people that are willing to love you
And that are able to love you

But before you can do that
You first have to step out of your helplessness
And you can do this just like we just told you
And we wish that for you
We wish that for you that you are
Stepping out of your helplessness
So that you do not need to beg for love and attention anymore
In your life

For you are beautiful as you are
You are strong
You are amazing
You don’t need to beg
There is no real true necessity for you to beg
It is only in that realm of helplessness
Where you think
Or where you feel that you have to beg
For it is the only option that you have available

But realize that this is not true
You have many many many more options
And we wish that for you
We wish for you
That you discover plenty of options in your life

This was my message
Thank you

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