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Be your own true hero

Be your own true hero

Heroes, true heroes are those who dare to change
True heroes are those who dare to change their ways

Today I want to talk to you about true heroism

Many of you seek truth outside of yourselves
In material things, shiny objects and relationships
Chasing a new girl, a new boy
Chasing a new shiny object
Only to be disappointed

Because the shine will fade
The excitement of the new will fade, rapidly
And once it’s faded
You are confronted with the same feeling of loneliness, emptiness
The same feeling of being separated from the source

Truth, real truth
Your truth
Your wisdom
Your knowledge
Your inner peace is inside of you

Most of us come out of their upbringing with scars
With painful memories
With neediness, emotional neediness
And of course that has to be healed first

That has to be cleared and cleaned and healed
To make the way to your true inner available
To free that way
To free yourself of old unhealed layers
Old unhealed memories

And once you have done that
You can walk your true inner path
Discover your own beauty
Your own truth
Your own wisdom
Your own knowledge

You can discover you
And that
I call true heroism
People who are willing to make that journey
To walk that distance
Those I call true heroes

For indeed, you need courage
You need a lot of perseverance
And courage
And stamina
And yes, of course, you want to give up
You want to slow down
It’s painful
It hurts

You relive once again all this pain and anguish
Very uncomfortable
But, once it’s cleaned and cleared and healed
You will be relieved

It gives relief
It gives a new perspective on life
You have broadened your inner feeling
Your inner freedom
Your inner peace.

So today, I invite you to be a hero
Not for others
But for yourself
Save your soul
SOS, Save Our Souls,
SYS, Save Your Soul.

And with this we mean
Go the way in
Because the only way out
Is the way in

It’s a popular quote
It’s a known quote, but it’s true
The only way out of misery and pain
And unhappiness
Is to go inside and find and dig up your own gold

Your gold
Your beauty
Your inner beauty
Your inner truth

For this is what you have
Inner peace
Inner gold
Inner truth
Inner wisdom
And those who pursue that
I call heroes

Choose: do I want to be a hero
And am I willing to walk the mile?
To do the work
To do the digging
To make the sacrifice
Am I willing?

Because able you are
Able is everybody
You can do it
You can do anything you wish to
But do you wish it?

This was my message

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