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Today I would like to talk to you about trust

And there are of course different forms of trusts
For different occasions
This occasion is
Trust yourself
And trust the process

If you have wished for something big
If you have dreamt big
And said, I want to become the first man on mars
Or I want to become the first female swimmer
Across the Atlantic ocean or
Something big
I mean, nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible

But this is about you having a dream
And you having spoken your dream to the universe
You have said
I want to become this
And then you make it more direct
And you say
I am this
I am president of my country
Or I am the successful entrepreneur
Or I am a successful business coach

Or whatever you have dreamt big
You start to say
I am this
Not I want to become this
Of course, the first time you said
I want to become this
So now you call this reality into your life
You pull it into your life by saying
I am this

And here comes the trust part
You then let go
How it comes to you
When it comes to you
Is not up to you

This is a matter of surrender
Because you have stated what you want
You pull this into your reality
By daily stating, I am this
And the timing on this
Is up to the universe
Because in the meantime
You are being prepared to carry this weight
To carry this new life
To carry this dream
Because it is bigger than you
It is bigger than what you are now

So you need to be prepared
To be able to carry what you ask for
That is why they always say
Be careful what you ask for
But, don’t worry, don’t be careful
Dream big, forget about careful
Dream big and learn
Learn along the way

Now, trusting is letting go
And it’s knowing that
The universe has your back
And the universe is guiding you
And you will meet people
And you will meet occasions
You will meet opportunity
That will all bring you to
The realization of your dream

And it can take you a month
And it can take a year
And it can take ten years
But if you continue to feed the dream
By saying, I am this
I am this already now
Because that’s what you are saying
If you keep feeding the dream
With your passion
And your longing
And you make the dream
More and more specific

But not too specific in how and when
Because it will always be different
From what you visualize
Always come differently
Not always but mostly
Most of the time
It’s not a one hundred percent replica
Of how you saw it
It might be nicer
Usually it’s more fitting to you
Than you could fathom
So the dream usually is
Even more beautiful
The reality
The outcome of the dream
Is even more beautiful
Than the dream itself
And certainly more realistic

The dream is always missing one dimension
That’s the dimension of the reality
The dream is the vision
And you pull this vision into your life
But now it becomes real
Now it is reality

And reality has many layers
Has many dimensions
Its richer
Its fuller
Its certainly more real
So trust the process
And let go
Let go
And know that the universe has your back
And eventually your dream will come through

If you dream big enough
And you keep feeding the dream
And you do surrender
And you do let go
And you do trust
It will happen

This is the promise

This was my message


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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