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Today I would like to talk to you about your uniqueness
For truly, there is only one you
And that is you

And the profound reality of that
Many of you do not feel that
Do not understand it
Have not learned it
You have not learned to connect with the richness
And the fullness of your uniqueness

Many of you have been lessened, diminished
Your parents might have diminished you
Your teachers might have diminished you
Your culture might have diminished you
There are many many many forces diminishing your uniqueness
During your growing up and upbringing

And this is a pity
This is a pity
You live in a society where your uniqueness is not honored
Where your uniqueness is not celebrated
Where your uniqueness is not guided to fully bloom
And fully express it self
You do not live in a society, in a world, where this is important
Where this gets attention

On the contrary
You, as a species are being diminished all the time
Being humbled
Being mutilated
Being insulted
Being neglected
So by the time you are in your twenties
There isn’t much left of your uniqueness

Many of you have learnt not to be unique
And this is truly a pity
For no matter what other people say
No matter what your culture or your society tells you
YOU are truly unique
That’s the whole point
That’s why you are here
In this lifetime
In your lifetime
You are supposed to express an aspect of your soul, of your essence
A truly unique aspect that only you possess

And without you, the universe is not complete
It’s a big secret, one of the secrets of life
Without you creation is not complete
Wow, that’s a profound truth
So I would suggest
Please make the discovery of your uniqueness
And the expression of your uniqueness
Make it your life’s quest
Start to look for who you are
Who you truly are

Not who others tell you that you are
And not who you think you are, no
Look for your uniqueness
Discover your uniqueness
Get rid of all the hypnotization that has befallen upon you
That has been done upon you

And how do you do this
There is always, ‘okay, thank you, nice message’
And now what?
How do we do it?

Here goes
Close your eyes
Feel your feet
Feel your breath
And if you want to go one step further
Feel your heart beat
And follow either your breath or your heart
Witness that, just follow it
And say the words, after a while
After you have calmed down
After you sank into yourself, into your pelvis
The minute you start to breath in your pelvis
The minute you relax your pelvic muscles
That is when you know that you have reached a state of calmness

If you have reached that state
Say quietly, within yourself, the words
I open myself to my essence
I open myself to my soul
And I open myself to my uniqueness
So this is truly an exercise
Open yourself to your uniqueness
And by saying these words
The universe knows, hey, this person is interested in his or her uniqueness

And do this
Not for a day, not for a week, not for a month
Try it for at least a year
And what you will discover is that
If you really would do this for a year
Ask the universe, listen
Show me my uniqueness and I am willing to receive messages
And insights and learning about my uniqueness
Because I now open myself to receiving knowledge about my uniqueness

And these messages will reveal your uniqueness
All you have to do is surrender and let go
So you go into your relaxed state
And once you are all the way down in your pelvic area
And you are able to release and to relax your pelvic muscles
You then willingly open yourself towards your uniqueness
Your soul, your essence
And then knowledge about your essence
And about your soul
And about your uniqueness
Will be conveyed to you

This is how it works, truly
Try it
And like I said, don’t try it for a week or a month, no
Try it for at least a year and you will be surprised, everyday
Don’t skip a beat
Do it everyday
And you will receive insight
And you will receive lessons
About your uniqueness
About that what makes you fully you

This was my message

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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