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About Self pollution

About Self pollution

Today we would like to talk to you about self pollution
Polluting yourself
Polluting yourself with thoughts, ideas, doings, food, people

Choose wisely what it is that you are reading
Are you reading gossip magazines?
Or are you reading material that inspires you
And that nourishes you
On your path of living a happy and fulfilled life
So choose wisely what you read on a daily basis
Not only newspapers but also online
This is one

Choose wisely what you eat
Nourish your body with healthy food
Food that sustains your health
Of course you can go to Burger King or MacDonald or
Whatever they are called, Wimpy
Go there
But don’t go there once a week
Go there once a year

And thirdly, people
Surround yourself with people that carry your back
That have your back
And that listen you golden
What do I mean by that
People that see your potential
That see you for who you really are
And people that encourage you
And people that inspire you

Surround yourself with those people
And stay away from toxic people
From toxic relations
Stay away
Stay away
They do not serve you
I understand this is not always easy
Sometimes it’s family members
Yes, but you have to choose wisely

Be kind to yourself
Be gentle with yourself
And choose people who do that too

So there is that what you fill your mind with
There is that what you fill your body with
And there is that what you fill your heart with

And meditate,
Exercise, do sports
Move your body
Move your spirit
Take courses
Take counseling
So that you can heal yourself

Choose wisely
Heal yourself
Build yourself up
Make yourself the best you
Make yourself a better person

Be loving
Be kind to yourself
And to your fellow human beings
Exercise kindness
Exercise gratefulness

Be gentle
Be gentle with yourself first
Be loving towards yourself first
And from that lovingness
From that kindness
Be kind to others

Be a giver of love and light
And surround yourself with love and light
And slowly, slowly, slowly get rid of all the habits
That drag you down
That re-pollute you
Because if you try to clean yourself
And heal yourself
And build yourself up on one hand and on the other hand
You drag yourself down with old habits
By polluting your body
Polluting your mind
Polluting your heart
You will not grow to your full potential
You will not benefit from all your work
You will benefit a little bit but not to the full extent

So live a clear life
Maybe that’s a good word to describe it
Be very transparent and clear in how you live
In how you feed your mind
How you feed your heart
And how you feed your body

Choose wisely
And anything you do not like
Anything that does not serve you
Let that go
Let it go and move on

We wish you a happy fulfilled life
We wish for you that you live your full potential

This was my message


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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