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About Reality

About Reality

So your perspective on love
Your perspective on money
Your perspective on work
Your perspective on anything that you have a perspective on
Is the only perspective

That is something we grow up with
It is so because I think it is so
It is so because I feel it is so
It is so because I see it is so
And we call this reality
This is the reality we grow up with

And today I want to tell you that all of that is a choice
It is the choice you have made
The reality you see
The perspective on the reality you see is
In most cases, a matter of choice
And you do not necessarily have to choose that reality
As being the only reality
You can use your imagination
You can use your creativity
And you can choose another reality if you wish to do so

Let’s for instance go into the reality of
The way you see money
Every time you spend one dollar or one Euro
Or one Yen or one coin of your currency
Every time you spend a dollar
This dollar you spend floats away from you
It is gone, you have spent it
And you do not know if there is going to come more of that
If you have a job, of course you work, you get your salary
So you know if you can spend, say, one thousand dollars each month
You have a job and you make eleven hundred dollars
Then you know you can spend these eleven hundred dollars
If you are self employed and you make, let’s say
An average of two thousand dollars a month on a yearly basis
You know you can approximately spend eighteen hundred to
Nineteen hundred dollars without taking any risk
Because you know on average there is going to come
Two thousand dollars back to you
And this is the reality you tune into
That’s the reality in which you live
Because that is the reality you tune into
And by tuning into that reality
You create that reality
This is a law, this is a universal law
What you tune into you create

So reality is actually nothing
Reality is a clean slate
The minute you focus on it as being reality
It comes into existence
You call it into existence

So if your reality would be, each dollar I spend
Will come back to me in two fold
It will double
So I spend one dollar and two dollars
Will come back to me
I spend one hundred and two hundred dollars
Will come back to me
I spend one thousand dollars and two thousand dollars
Will come back to me

If you focus on that reality
And you create that reality
Then that reality will come into existence
Because that is what you focus on
That is the field, the energetic field
You focus on

And this might sound strange to you but it is true
Reality as such, the reality
We learn that there is something such as reality
But THE reality does not exist
It only exists in your mind
In your emotion
In your realm
You create it by focusing upon it

This is one of the secrets of life very few people know about
So if you do not like the reality you live in now
Choose a different reality and eventually
You will receive a different outcome
This is how it works

If your reality is
I can only spend one thousand dollars a month
Because I will only receive eleven hundred dollars a month
And if that reality doesn’t suit you
If it is too limited for you
Because you have bigger dreams
Then start to create a different reality

And then logic starts to come in, reasoning
Yes but………..
I have a job and I only make eleven hundred
So I can focus on this reality of getting two dollars
When I spend one dollar
But how will that be possible?
It’s not possible because I have work and the work
only gives me eleven hundred
So then I have to take another job
And then I don’t have free time
And then……….

You know, the voice in your head
Starts to reason, reason, reason
Skip it
Forget it
Leave it
At this point in time your reality is
I spend one thousand and I get eleven hundred
Because this is the job I have
The minute you choose a different reality
Everything else around you will change

If you change your reality to:
‘For every dollar I spend I will receive two dollars’
A reality will unfold around you that makes that wish
and that reality you choose, possible

And how does this happen
We don’t know
That’s the secret
We don’t know

And you should let go of how
The how is not your business
The universe will supply
You choose, from now on, your mantra is
‘For every dollar I spend I will receive two dollars’
That is the reality you tap into
That is the reality you create

And the how, how will that reality come to bloom?
How will that reality come to life?
How will that reality start to exist?
That is not your business
The how will happen
If you give it room and space to happen

All you have to do is trust the process
And let the process take care of its own
Try it
Try this
Try this, not for a day
Not for a week
Not for a month
Try it for at least one year

If you do not like the reality you live in now
Your love relationship
Your work
Your money affairs
Your, whatever
If you do not like where you live
Choose a different reality
But be very specific
Be very specific
Every dollar I spend, from now on
Two dollars will come back to me
This is very specific
One dollar out, two dollars in
This is a very clear picture
It’s very very clear
The universe understands that
And it will resonate that reality back to you in time

It may take a week
It may take a month
It might take a year but it will come back to you
That reality you are sending out will come back to you

And you can try this on everything
But you have to be specific
And you do not have to worry about the how
Do not concern yourself with the how
The how is not your business
The how is the business of the universe
The how will be taken care of
All you have to do is keep tapping into that reality
And take massive action upon the opportunities
that will present themselves to create that reality

Keep saying it
Let it go and trust
And it will come back to you

Try it
You might like it

This was my message


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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