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About judgement

About judgement

Today I would like to talk to you about judgement
For judgement is a tricky one
It is like glue
Once it’s on your fingers
Everything will stick to it

So judgement is really a party pooper
Spoiling all the fun and all the joy and all the flow
Judgement is a nasty, sticky business
For there is not only your own judgement about yourself and others
There is also the judgement of others about themselves and about you

And all this is illusion
It is all projection
It is not real
It is all in the mind
It is all in the feeling
It is all in the emotion
And it is all unhealed layers
It’s coming from unhealed layers within you
And you give it great meaning
And it has no meaning whatsoever, none

The other day we talked about opinion
Now, opinion is easy compared to judgement
Judgement is far more resilient
It is far more nasty

And why do I say nasty
Because it is malignant
There is an evil lining to it
Judgement, I do judge you
For who you are
For what you say
For how you look
For how you feel
And mostly, for how you make me feel

And the bad news is
Nobody can win the judgement contest
There is always somebody that is better in judging you
Than you are in judging them
There will be always somebody judging you
More nasty, more mean than you will judge them
So if you try to win this contest you will lose
There are only losers, no winners

Now, how to step out of this vicious circle?
For vicious it is indeed
Now, this is a broad spectrum antiseptic
Used for many, many, many, many disturbances
Emotional disturbances
And the medicine is
The only way out is in
Go inside
Go into your quietness
Close your eyes
Feel your feet
Feel your breath
Follow your breath
And contemplate on inner peace
Contemplate on the now

And visualize your inner child
The you, the little you
When you were three or four or seven or nine
The little you connected to this feeling
Of being rejected
Being judged
Being, well, rejected truly

And if you see the face of this child
Being hurt and being disappointed
By being rejected or being ridiculed
Say to this child, I love you
And stroke the child on the hair and on the head and say
I love you darling
I love you

You are welcome here
I love you
I do love you
You are welcome here
And let go
Let go of this feeling
Let it go
Let go of this feeling
Let go of this sadness
Let go of this disappointment
You are welcome here
I love you
I love you

And this is how you heal the inner child
Heal your little self
This is how you become strong
This is how you strengthen yourself

Try it
And keep breathing
And keep feeling your feet
And keep being still
And disconnect from the other person
And disconnect your energy
Disconnect yourself from the one judging you
And do disconnect yourself from you judging them back

Step out of the contest
It’s easier said than done
It needs exercise
Daily practice
But if you do it daily you will succeed

Good luck!

This was my message

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