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Today I would like to talk to you about the meaning
of happiness, for you, for your life,
Singing, dancing, whistling

Have you ever noticed
That people who are totally happy and fine in the now
Start to sing or start to dance or start to whistle
This is the beauty of being happy
Being carefree
Being satisfied
Singing, whistling, dancing
Jump for joy
A scream of joy

And all this, not because alcohol has been consumed
Or marijuana has been smoked, no
Just because life is treating you well
Because you are HAPPY
Because you are carefree
Because you feel good

You feel good with yourself
You feel good with the world
You feel good with the job you have
You feel good with your colleagues
You feel good with life
You feel good
And so you sing
And so you whistle
And so you dance

And this is very very very beneficial
Very healthy
It is not only a sign of being content and being happy
It is also very beneficial to your health
It is as if the sun is recharging your batteries
Singing and whistling and dancing
And moving from a space of contentment
It’s also replenishing and recharging your batteries of life
Your own batteries
To deal with life

For many of you have also experienced
When there is no laughter
When there is no happiness
When there is no joy
When there is no whistling, no singing, no dancing
But only gloom and depression and sadness
Many of you have gone through hardships
And this eats away your energy
It depletes your batteries

So whenever you find yourself in this space where you are happy
And you listen to music and you sing along
Or you are under the shower and you are the best opera singer in the world
Or you are Adele or you are whoever you adore
And you sing their songs and you imagine being them
And singing to a large crowd, a large audience
Or not imagining anything
Just whistling and just dancing
And just being happy
It is so good for you

Whenever you reach that state
There is only now
And there is only joy
And this is very good for your body
For your mind
For your soul
For your heart
And it recharges your batteries
Your life batteries
It breaks down your stress hormone
It brings down your sugar levels
Your blood sugar levels
It brings down your blood pressure
It fires up your hormones
Your Happy hormones
Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin & Endorphins

So today I wish for you to be happy
And sing a song
Do a whistle
Hum a tune
Dance a bit
And be happy
And be carefree in the now

Today I wish you to surrender to happiness


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

❥ Whispers are transformative channelings we receive from our Spirit Tribe. Whispers teach knowledge that invites you to align with Self & Source and awakens you to the inner calling of your Essence.

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