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Today I would like to talk to you about forgiving

There is an energy in the universe which we do call Mercy
It is a very subtle and very volatile energy
And it comes to those who can forgive
In the first place, themselves
And who can forgive others
Who can let go of differences
Who can let go of wrath
Who can let go of anger
Who can let go of the need to be right
I am right
And I will serve you right

That’s an energy of fighting
It will bring you more anger
And more fight
It will certainly not bring you Mercy

Now, forgiving yourself is not easy for you humans to do
To make a mistake and to say
Oops, I made a mistake
I did this wrong
Okay, what did I do wrong
I did this and this wrong

And what can I learn from this
Okay, I can take away knowledge
I can take away insight
I can take away learning from this experience

And now can I let go of the disappointment
Can I let go of the feeling of being a failure
Of having failed

Within our upbringing
And within our schooling system
We are tweaked to learn that to fail is wrong
You cannot fail
And if you do you are being punished
And this of course is nonsense
You are only human
So you do make mistakes

And some make the same mistake
Many many many times
And the less you forgive yourself
The less you are gentle with yourself
The more severe you are with yourself
The less forgiving you are with yourself
The more likely you will make that mistake again

And the secret really is
Be gentle
Be forgiving
Be patient with yourself
You are allowed to make mistakes

Allow yourself to make mistakes
It’s inevitable
You are human
And learn from the mistake
Learn from what you did wrong
Or learn what you did not do
Or learn what you could have done better

Look closely
Don’t look away because you are ashamed, no
Scrutinize what went wrong
Dig deep into it
And learn
Learn and then let go
And tell yourself, I forgive myself for this mistake
I do not know if I will make it again
Because you do not know
You might make that same mistake again
Or sort of the same mistake

And thank yourself for the experience
Thank you for the experience
Thank you for the learning
I forgive myself
And I move on
And I try again
I try something different

Because each day you can start anew
You can start all over
You can start again
Each day is a new day
A new day to learn
A new day to grow
A new day to do it right
And a new day to make mistakes
And to learn
Be gentle on your self
Forgive your self

And the more you are gentle with yourself
You will be gentle with others
For others make mistakes
For others are only human

And of course you are angry
And you are right
You might even hate them
For what they did to you
The wrong you feel they did to you
But let go
Let go and forgive
And between the layers and the cracks of this forgiveness
The energy of Mercy will emerge

It’s a very gentle energy
Mercy intertwined with wisdom
Intertwined with humor
Intertwined with deep human experiences
The experience of being human
In all your strength
In all your might
And in all your vulnerability
In your deepest deepness
In your highest high
In your biggest strength
And your biggest vulnerability

You are human
You are beautiful
Forgive yourself often
And forgive others often
And you will become a nicer person

May the heavens have Mercy upon you
And upon your fellow humans

This was my message

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