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About Ego

About Ego

Today I would like to talk to you about the word ego
The concept of ego
This is hot amongst many many many people
East and west talks about ego
And each generation has a new conversation about ego
And right now ego once again is a hot topic
But there is so much misunderstanding about the concept
There is so much projection

So let me talk a bit about ego
The ego
Basically, every time you use the word “I”
I am beautiful
I want this
I do not want that
I want you to…
I want this now
I want this tomorrow

Every time you use the word “I” in a sentence
Whether you start the sentence
Or you finish the sentence
Or the “I” comes somewhere in the middle of the sentence
It does not matter
The sequence, the position of the “I” does not matter

Every time you say “I” you tap into the energy of the ego
This is a fact and this is the most simple explanation of what is ego
Of course, strife, ambition, passion, all these emotions
All these archetypal emotions all belong to the realm of ego
But is ego such a bad thing
No, ego is ego
And yes, a lot of people that work from the realm of ego
Do harm to others
Do harm to mankind

But somebody freeing himself from mental and emotional slavery
From the past
From a bad childhood, from bad memories
From wounded emotional layers within the self
Using the word “I”
I am
I belong
I am worthy
These are words of empowerment
So this is the empowerment of the “I”
This is where the “I”, the ego,
Has been neglected
Has been down trodden
Has been crushed
Has been denied

And now this person wakes up and empowers himself
And uses the word “I”
This is good
This is beautiful
So not all forms of ego and not all ways in which ego is used are bad
Not at all

But once you have empowered yourself
And once you have healed yourself
And once you are emotionally independent and mature
You can choose for something else
You can choose “I”
You start with “I”, ego, because “I” and ego are one

I dedicate my life
Or I dedicate my work
Or I dedicate my energy
To the greater good of mankind
And the minute you start to do that
You start to focus on the greater good of mankind
You start to focus on what is good for the other
Then the “I” becomes a beautiful tool
Because it is your energy
It is your source energy
Your essence
That is connecting with the energy, the benevolence
The energy that wants to do good for the greater good of mankind
So for everybody basically

And this is where you tap into the realm of healing
Of giving
Of serving
Of loving
This is good
It is still ego, because you say “I”
I want to do that
But you use your originality
You use your vehicle
You use your essence
To work for the greater good of mankind
Nothing wrong with that
We applaud this
We love this

So if you sit on a top of a mountain somewhere in a cave
And you meditate to kill the “I”
To kill the ego
What exactly do you contribute to the world
Not much
Of course you discipline yourself
You become an ascetic
Yes you can do this
But the minute you come out of the cave
And you walk into the town
I guarantee you, ego comes back
It comes back running to you
I want this apple
I do not want this noise
I do want to sit here
I do want to sit here quietly
I do not want to sit there where it’s crowded
I, I, I, I , I, you cannot run away from “I”
And why would you
Why would you run away from yourself
From your essence

But the point here is
How are you going to put it to use
Are you going to put it to use for the greater good of mankind
For all of us
Or are you just there for you
I want to be rich
I am the greatest
I am good
I am beautiful
I want this big house
I want all this money
I want this career
I want to conquer the world
I want to, I, I, I, I, I,

This, yes, is ego driven
But a totally different outcome
A totally different focus
A totally different energy
And that same “I” used for the greater good of mankind
For the greater good of all
Without neglecting yourself

Why would you neglect yourself
Yes, you can have a beautiful home
Yes, you can have money
Yes, you can have a beautiful love life
Yes, you can have lovely children
Yes, you can have a lovely career
Yes, you can have all that
Please, be happy

But once you dedicate your life to the greater good of mankind
Everything will change
Because now the word humbleness comes
And the best antidote to wrongly focused ego is humbleness
And gratefulness
All these words start to come into your life
I am humbled by so much that I am grateful for

And the more you are grateful
The more you receive to be grateful for
And once you start to feel humbled
And you start to become humble
You will be so much more pleasant to others
And you will be compassionate
And you will become loving

And in that way, using the vehicle of the ego
The vehicle of you
The vehicle of “I”
The vehicle of your essence
Of your uniqueness
That’s beautiful
There is nothing wrong with that
So do not lose your ego
You cannot lose yourself,
Of course you can lose yourself, yes
But why would you want that

So, you chose
Which realm do you chose
The strong ego driven, I want this
Or the beneficial ego, I am dedicating everything I do
To the greater good of all mankind
Two different lives
Two different outcomes
Two different results
And two different rewards

Try it, don’t try it for a day
Try it for a week
Try it for a year
Try it for a lifetime

This was my message


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