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About Disappointment

About Disappointment

Today let me talk to you briefly about disappointment
For this is truly a sensitive issue

Disappointment is a tough emotion
It can be really devastating
And it is truly the devastation of the ego
Let me explain, if you go to the root of the matter
Disappointment is a wish or an outcome that did not come through
You had hoped for something
You had wished something
You have put all your energy and your effort to reach a goal
And then you do not succeed

Or you have hoped for this beautiful boy or this beautiful girl
To fall in love with you
Because you yourself had fallen in love long, long ago
And they did not choose you
They rejected you
Very disappointing

Or you had hoped that this job that you had applied for would be yours
And they did not pick you
You came so far and in the end they picked the other one
Very disappointing, hard

So disappointment always goes hand in hand with an outcome
That you had pictured
That you had imagined
That you had hoped for
And now that outcome didn’t happen the way you had wanted it
Or pictured it

And what can you do about it
Because this is truly the work of the ego
The ego wants to create the outcome
But listen
If something does not happen
It means it is not meant to be
It is not meant to happen

At least not now
It doesn’t mean it will never happen
But it will not happen now
So you had fallen in love with this beautiful boy
This beautiful girl
And they did not pick you
Maybe you should be very happy
Because if they would have picked you
They might have broken your heart
And you would have been burned and hurt
So if you compare burnt and broken-hearted to disappointed
Then disappointment is the easiest of the three

If something does not happen the way you want it to happen
You can also view this as beneficial to you
As help from the heavens
If it doesn’t happen it was not meant to happen
Because the result of that outcome would have not benefited you
It is not for you
And if it would have happened for you
It would have been wrong for you
So in a way, you are protected
And obviously, there is something else that you have to learn
Or something else that has to happen

So when you are disappointed
Lick your wounds, recuperate from the blow, and move on
And of course, focus upon something new
And if it is meant to be
And if it is there for you
It will happen

But things will not always happen in the way that you wish them
Or want them
Or picture them
Things will happen in a way that needs to happen
To advance you
To teach you a lesson
To give you insight
To build on your wisdom
And build on your character

So not every disappointment is bad
Sometimes a disappointment can truly be a wakeup call
Like, hey, you have been fantasizing, you have been dreaming
You have been creating an illusion
So the illusion did not come to fruition in your life, be happy
Because it was an illusion
It was nothing
It was a fantasy
Move on and pursue things that will be beneficial to you
That are real
That are to be obtained

Choose truth above fantasy
Truth will give you more satisfaction
More happiness
And more steadiness

And if you do not get what you have hoped for
The Universe has something better for you in mind
Something more suitable for you
for who you are in essence

And sometimes you just have to learn more
and gain more wisdom and more experience
before you can carry the weight
of what you have hoped for

This was my message

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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