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Every human bears a burden, heal the burden and you heal the human


And healing the burden is exactly what I did this morning. I woke up tired and alert. And all I could think of was everything I wanted to do and everything I felt I needed to do. I went to bed really late last night after a fruitful day packed with creativity.

But although I woke up tired and alert, ready to act on this automatic impulse, I decided that this morning was going to be different for me. My body and my soul simply couldn’t accept this same old feeling any longer. This same old burden I’ve been dragging along for so many years.

The burden

It’s a burden that always manifests itself when I put this tremendous pressure on myself when I work towards a deadline. At the moment we’re doing an 11:11:11 promotion for our online community for coming Sunday the 11th of November. So you bet there definitely is a deadline here.I decided to work on myself with the same powerful techniques we use when we work with our clients. So I closed my eyes and started to slowly breathe in and breathe out to sense and locate the charged emotions in my body.

Charged emotions

After working with so many clients and after doing so much inner work myself over the years I have not only learned to recognize a charged emotion but I’ve also learned that a charged emotion is always connected to a charged childhood memory.

Let me explain this schematic with a simple example

  • You are 3 and a big brown dog with white shiny teeth bites you
  • You feel pain, you feel afraid and you cry
  • This is now a charged memory because there is pain and fright involved
  • Today as a grown up that old charged memory plays up whenever an unfamiliar big dog with shiny teeth comes too close.
  • Your heart starts to beat faster, your breath stops or becomes shallow, your palms get sweaty, your eyes become restless or fixated, and you start to feel slightly hot because adrenaline is now pumping through your body. These are all automatic responses connected to this charged memory of the 3-year-old you.
  • There is no way you can stop all these automatic body responses at will.
  • The only way you can stop this is to discharge the memory by neutralizing the emotion connected to the memory.
  • One of the ways to do that is to allow the body to release that charged emotion.

Now while using our own techniques I soon learned that this blind internal compulsion to put this enormous pressure on myself was my childhood answer to feeling very unsafe. That made a lot of sense because I have been in many very unsafe situations in my childhood.


All these charged emotions started to release in my body the minute I invited myself to feel safe in my body, to feel safe in this body, to feel safe in my life. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. Years of being trapped in this automatic freeze of not feeling safe and therefore not being safe released themselves through crying, moaning and shivering. My body really had to shake these old feelings and old memories off.

That’s what the body does if you let it, the body starts to release the burden the minute you heal the burden. Heal your burden and you heal yourself.

After working with myself like this for 20-30 minutes I felt relaxed, happy, relieved and creative again. These automatic impulses that dictated my responses were gone. My mind and my emotions were clear and I could make free choices again.


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About the author
We are Briant [1958] & Jaldhara [1960] both Dutch. We are leaders in Inner Safety. We teach coaches how to Awaken the Power of Inner Safety so they can coach their clients to Inner Freedom & Self-Love
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